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by Scott Mason

Heading Title

We hear the same old story time after time… 

Us: “Hey, Bud, where’s your truck? I thought we’d see it here this weekend!” 

Joe: “Not yet. Still waiting for (insert name of shop) to finish up the (interior/paint/suspension/wheels).”

Wrapping up a project has always been an uphill battle. Dealing with schedules and unforeseen circumstances can throw a wrench in the spokes of any project. We’ve been there, and we totally understand it. As we get used to the current state of affairs in our world, we all realize that schedules have been virtually thrown out the window and long, indefinite lengths of time spent waiting for everything are becoming the new norm.

Bradley Wooldridge of Spring Hill, Tennessee, always has several truck projects going on at any given time, and he plays the waiting game on a daily basis. In the case of his ‘66 C10 (affectionately known as “Ol’ Eddie”), the wait was grueling, but well worth it in the end.

“This truck was originally used as the shop truck for the local high school’s agricultural science department in Guin, Alabama. Once the school retired the truck from its fleet, a gentleman by the name of Eddie bought the truck and used it as his get around vehicle. My dad purchased the truck from Eddie (hence the truck’s name) in 1976, and it’s been in our family ever since.”

Like any family heirloom, this one has stories to tell. “It was originally a 3-on-the-tree. I learned to drive in this truck. We went hunting in this truck, fished in this truck, did practically everything in this ol’ boy. It’s been the ‘family truck’ my entire life. And it’s been painted so many colors – light blue, silver, you name it. I’d have to say my fondest memories, though, were listening to Buddy Holly tapes on the stereo on our way to fish or hunt on the weekends.”

As time rolled on, Bradley realized that he needed to preserve the ‘66, not only to help lock in his memories, but to pass along to his two teenage sons. The truck made its way through several shops along the way. “A lot of shops will take advantage of your emotional connection to a vehicle. This truck spent time at 6 different shops before it landed in the right hands to get the job done and get it on the road. Jameson Stinnett was responsible for getting the truck running and functioning properly. If it weren’t for his talent, I’m not sure where this truck would be right now. Jason Brooks at Hunters Body Shop in Columbia, Tennessee, finished off the paint and cleaned up where the previous shops left me hanging. After the truck was back in my hands, I had detailer extraordinaire, Michael Pena lay down the flawless ceramic coating that made the black paint really pop.”

This truck looks the business and has all the right go-fast bits, but does it get down and boogie, Bradley? “Hell yeah, it does! From the beginning, I knew I wanted this truck to look and sound bad ass, and run and handle just as good. It handles like it’s built for the track and lights up the tires like THAT!”

Trucks like Ol’ Eddie makes us smile. 10/10 worth the wait.

Heading Title

Bradley Wooldridge • 66 C10
  • GM Performance LS3 480HP crate engine
  • Tuned by DBR Performance of Spring Hill, TN
  • Nick Williams 102mm throttle body
  • FAST LSXR Race Runner 102mm intake manifold
  • Hedman Hedders, ceramic coated
  • Custom stainless steel TIG-welded exhaust system
  • GM Performance 4L60E transmission
  • No Limit custom chassis
  • Dirty Dingo motor mounts
  • Ridetech coil-overs front & rear
  • Rack & pinion steering
  • 20-gallon rear-mount fuel tank
  • Custom stainless steel fuel and brake lines
  • 9” Ford rear axle with 3.73 gears
  • 4-link rear suspension
  • Wilwood 6-piston front/4-piston rear calipers and rotors
  • Wilwood master cylinder and proportioning valve
  • Ididit custom length steering column
  • Forgeline custom wheels, 18×9/18×10
  • Continental Extreme Contact tires 275/40ZR18 front, 285/40ZR18 rear
  • Eddie Motorsport billet hood hinges
  • Bed widened to fit custom chassis
  • Smooth firewall
  • Capped bed rails
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Paint by Jason Brooks at Hunters Automotive, Columbia, TN
  • Dakota Digital HDX gauges
  • R&B VIntage radio by Richard Blankenship
  • Alpine speakers and subwoofer
  • Vintage Air climate control and vents
  • Original seat, upholstered in black leather with matching door cards
  • ACC carpet

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