by Scott Mason

The past 16 issues of CK TRUCK MAG have been packed with some of the baddest trucks we’ve had the fortune of laying our eyes upon. Builds that run the gamut from budget beaters with tons of attitude, to all-out show queens, and everything in between.

We decided to take a look back at some of the features that jumped out in our memory. You know, the kind of trucks that leave a mark, and love ‘em or hate ‘em, set the bar for what is going on in the custom GM truck world. By no means is this a comprehensive list of everything under the sun, but more like a “Greatest Hits” album of the features we’ve published. 

This isn’t a list of trucks that we agonized over or put out for public popularity vote. We simply looked for trucks that really brought something noteworthy to the table. 

To balance out the three hoodless – and cartoonishly insane – first gen C10’s, we also have a sampling of trucks that encompass several of the current trends we are seeing. Huge horsepower, comfortable OBS trucks with retro 90’s vibes have become extremely popular in the last couple years. Serious pro touring builds capable of living on the street or track are on the verge of exploding, thanks to events like the Pro Touring Truck Shootout. Patina mixed with modern underpinnings and creature comfort-rides have been gaining momentum for the last decade, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Beautiful, slick paint, fully finished, street rod-inspired trucks have always been a favorite of ours and it’s amazing to consume all the details they bring to the game.

Again, our list is short, and is not in any sort of numbered order. However, it makes great eye candy. We would love to hear your thoughts! Reach out to us on social media or via email and let us know what you think!


CHA-CHING  April 2021 

Salvage 2 Savage’s ‘65 Twin Turbo LS C10 

What Makes It Hot: Mirror-image Nelson Racing Engine twin turbos; Haltech engine management; One-off Vossen forged wheels; Stunning interior by E3 Upholstery

503 GREEN  October 2021 

Jeff Andrews’  ‘86 C10, “Downtime”

What Makes It Hot: Vintage code 503 green paint; 22” Schott Modsport forged wheels; Subtle yet perfectly executed body and bed mods; Clean & simple interior and engine bay

STACKED  November 2020 

Dave Schneider’s ‘65 Blown 427 Small Block C10 

What Makes It Hot: Dart 427 stroker small block; Hampton supercharger with 6 Stromberg carbs; Colorado Custom Sugar City billet wheels; Smithworkx custom graphics

NEXT LEVEL  November 2021 

Paul Treadwell’s Level 7 Motorsports ‘78 C10

What Makes It Hot: 730HP Don Hardy LS; Sadev 6-speed sequential trans; No Limit
Pro-Tech IRS chassis; Motec management;
Fuel by Ai fuel system; Forgeline 18x11.5 wheels

GAME OVER  May 2021 

Justin Keith’s Killer Performance ‘92 ZL1500

What Makes It Hot: 900HP+ LT-4 engine and 10 speed transmission; Original paint; 16” Little Shop Brakes; Full QA1 suspension conversion; 20” Weld S71 wheels

SWEATY METAL  July 2020 

Dave Murphy’s Street Machinery-Built ‘63 C10

What Makes It Hot: Roadster Shop SPEC air ride chassis; LS3 Crate motor with Holley EFI disguised as a carburetor; Leather interior by Portage Trim; Patina refreshed by Jerome Borris

TIFFANY  September 2021 

Classic Car Studio’s  ‘66 C10 Shop Truck

What Makes It Hot: Mirror-image Nelson Racing Engine twin turbos; Holley EFI engine management; Tons of custom tinwork; Relicate leather interior; Accuair air ride management

BLUE VELVET  June 2021 

Tim Childers’ New Creations-built ‘68 C10

What Makes It Hot: Custom one-off Blue Ghost paint; Smooth engine bay and bed matched to interior; New Creations custom interior; Tons of subtle body mods

CHUCK WAGON  February 2021 

Chuck Velazco’s ‘55 GMO Fleetside

What Makes It Hot: GSI air ride chassis; Perfect patina; One-off Chucksee/Greening Auto Company billet wheels; LS3 6.2L crate engine and 4L65E transmission; Tricky Bed Shocks

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