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Subscriber FAQ

by Scott Mason
IF YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER, PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS POST. We have been receiving emails and calls regarding a few topics. We hope this clears things up a bit.
  1. PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR EMAIL SETTINGS ENABLE YOU TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM US (info@cktruckmag.com). We occasionally email updates about important topics related to your subscription, but some email providers place our emails in your junk/spam folder if you don’t specify that we are not spam.
  2. “I subscribed November 9, but haven’t received any magazines yet.” If you subscribed between November 1-30, the first magazine you receive will be the January 2021 issue. If you subscribed during the month of December 2020, your first issue will be February 2021, and so on for subsequent moths. On social media as well as email, we have tried our hardest to document the fact that USPS has been extremely slow delivering this issue. Some people began receiving the January issue 10-12 days ago, many others are receiving them this week.
  3. You may receive the February 2021 issue before you receive your January issue. The February issue entered the USPS system the week of around January 14 and is currently in the mailing phase. USPS is still playing catch-up with their bulk mail, and estimated delivery times are still at 17-21 business days.
  4. “I have only received a couple magazines so far and they have been spaced apart.” All of our 2020 issues were published bi-monthly (July, September, November). Beginning with the January 2021 issue, we are now publishing monthly. As part of your subscription, you will receive 12 issues in total. If you subscribed for the first issue, your subscription will expire after the September 2021 issue.
  5. “How do I renew my subscription when the time comes?” We will notify you by email and mail with instructions to easily renew.

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