by Brian Goude Grinder TV

Dave Schneider’s 1965 is Blown, Bagged, and Bad AF

‚ÄúHoly sh*t!‚ÄĚ We watched an endless¬†stream of people walk up and check out¬†Dave Schneider‚Äôs ‚Äė65 at Battle in Bama¬†earlier this year, and those two words were¬†repeated over and over as they every one¬†of those folks laid eyes upon the craziness.¬†There is nothing subtle about it, and every¬†inch of this truck works perfectly together¬†to create a cohesive statement we can only¬†describe as a toy-like insanity.

Dave’s truck is an eye catcher from any angle, but the first thing that smacks you in the face is the giant nitrous-injected, polished Hampton supercharger with six velocity-stacked Stromberg 97’s sitting on top of a very healthy 427 stroker Dart small block. The stainless headers and hater pipes are as loud and obnoxious as you’d imagine. The whine of the cogged blower belt and the rumpity idle create intoxicating sounds. Everything in the engine compartment looks as if it simply belongs there, but this didn’t come by accident.

Dave scored this OG-paint C10 on eBay nearly 15 years ago with the idea that he would have a cool daily driver. After the original engine passed away in an excruciatingly messy death, he got busy creating the magic you see here.

A spectacular idea was brewing in his head and he tackled it headfirst. Dave started out building an invincible chassis that would not only modernize the truck, but also beef it up to handle the power he was planning to add. A Scott’s Hot Rods crossmember and suspension kit and Slam Specialties bags bring the front end of the truck into the 21st century while a Porterbuilt Extreme Dropmember setup with step notch, Firestone sleeve bags, and Fox shocks do work out back. Viair compressors, Airlift management, and beautifully plumbed custom tank and lines round out the system that gives Dave’s truck its menacing ride height. Power is transferred to the rear wheels through a built TH700R4 transmission with gears selected by an over-the-top Lokar shifter. Wilwood disk brakes Рfront and rear Рhelp slow things down when the nitrous and supercharger speed things up.

Key elements bring the exterior together¬†to create Dave‚Äôs unique styling. Lace,¬†engine-turned silver leaf, checkers, candy,¬†and flake come together into a work of art¬†on the roof and under the hood. Inside¬†the bed, you‚Äôll find a combination of candy¬†copper and red covering trim, suspension,¬†nitrous bottles, and the spun aluminum¬†Moon¬†fuel tank. The truck‚Äôs original red¬†paint and body panels flank the remainder.¬†19×8 and 20×10¬†Colorado Custom¬†Sugar City¬†billet wheels with copper colored¬†centers and 245/35/ZR19 and¬†285/30ZR20¬†Nitto¬†NT-555 tires provide¬†grip and create an unmistakable presence.

Inside, a combination of custom upholstered Speedway Motors bomber seats by The Custom Stitching Company  salt n peppa loop carpet, Billet Specialties Flat Out steering wheel, Von Dutch-style flying eyeball on the glove box door, OH SH*T handle from Crafty B  and an assortment of Auto Meter gauges make the interior as special as the exterior. Dave Schneider pushed the boundaries and created one of the coolest trucks we’ve seen in a long time. Well done, sir. Well done.

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