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by Steve Walker

Square Body Farm’s Big Ol’ 2020 Show in Richmond, Indiana

We had big plans to make it to all of the shows this summer, meet new friends, and fill our senses with the raddest trucks in the world. But 2020 had its own plans for us. We don’t need to add details, everyone in the world knows what’s up. 

As the summer began to unfurl, a ton of shows and events were canceled. Few remained on the calendar, but we circled the hold-outs with a red Sharpie and set out to make the best of it, in the safest way possible. 

Our buddy, Tim Crossley of Square Body¬†Farm (@SquareBodyFarm), had reached¬†out to us earlier in the spring and invited¬†us to his Square Body Gathering in at the¬†Wayne County Fairgrounds in Richmond,¬†Indiana, and we were more than eager to¬†check things out. Knowing up front that this¬†show in the heartland of the Midwest would¬†be made up primarily 4×4‚Äôs did nothing but¬†add to our excitement. Yeah, lifted trucks are¬†a little outside of our dropped and slammed¬†wheelhouse, but variety is the spice of life.¬†

We arrived early so we could have coffee and breakfast sammiches with Tim and the event staff before the show trucks started rolling in. He gave us a little history of the event and some behind the scenes info as well as a look at some of the trucks that were already on display. The show started a few years ago as a backyard picnic at the Crossley farm and quickly blossomed into a full-blown show in just a handful of years. 

As we battled the chilly, wet, and uncharacteristically overcast August weather, the trucks began to roll in. Lifted square after lifted square. 38’s, 44’s, 48’s. Show trucks pulling gooseneck trailers loaded with more show trucks. Rough and ready to extreme show, you name it, we watched it rolling through the gates in true Midwest style. 

Lifted or lowered, one common thread runs through the truck scene that we love, and it transcends the trucks and wrenches. Friendship and the bonds we share through these chunks of metal are what it’s all about. The Crossley family is as enthusiastic as it gets. They pour their hearts into this event and it truly shows. We can’t wait for the 2021 Square Body Gathering to get here (will be Midwest Truck Nationals in 2021).

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