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Southern Charm – SETN 2020

by Scott Mason

The recipe for a great truck show. A boatload of hot trucks, a great venue, picture perfect weather, and enthusiastic owners. That is how we would sum up the 2020 Southeastern Truck Nationals in Lebanon, Tennessee, in a nutshell. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,025 registered, countless vendors, a swap meet brimming with hard-to-find parts, and plenty of trucks for sale left us wondering how we were going to cover the entire show in one day.

Harrison’s Rod Shop was representing with a tasty group of squarebodies from their Greeneville, Tennessee-based crew. Lots of clean, colorful, less-is-more style trucks in this bunch. Safe to say Brian Harrison knows his way around these trucks.
Jaw-dropping interiors continue to evolve and diversify. We couldn’t take our eyes off Cody “Sunshine” Cassels’ ‘76 C10 Sport stepper. Brown leather with orange/white plaid and woodgrain mixed well with the bright orange exterior and killer Bedwood bed floor. LS-power under the hood and white sport stripes finish this one off perfectly.
Duallies of all eras continue to rage in popularity. We caught Dustin “Ace” Ford’s slammed white square whale cruising the show grounds on Saturday afternoon. Watching him scrape that front air dam on the pavement made us fall in love. If anyone has a dually to donate to our cause, drop us a line.
Guy Holbrooks’ black 454SS OBS was the truck of the show that we wanted to get in and drive off. A steamy ProCharger-fed big block, 6-speed trans, and sticky tires packed into a super-clean truck checked all the right boxes for us. The want is real.
Terry Hill’s Ole Blue was looking gorgeous as always and was posted up in the Squarebody USA booth. We even saw Boris Maryanovsky from Street Machinery showing off Dave Murphy’s Sweaty Metal ‘63 C10 that graced the cover of issue #1. SQRBDY’s Rick Cheeseman’s red and white square was looking great parked next to cover boy Josh Mason’s ‘78. And we can’t forget Jonathan Day’s antenna dancer, Misty Reign.

Our hats are off to the crew and staff who organize and  present SETN, as well as the Wilson County Fairgrounds. We can’t wait for the 2021 event.

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