by Scott Mason

We sent our roving photographer, Leyton Mullins, down to Lebanon, Tennessee, for this year’s Southeastern Truck Nationals. And just what did he bring back, you might ask? As if the photos don’t do the talking for our man on the streets, he came back with stories and memories to last a lifetime. For starters, according to the Big Kahuna at SETN, Bryan Ashley, there were something like 1,700 GM trucks jam packed into the Wilson County Fairgrounds. Holy schnikes, that’s A LOT of trucks, boys and girls! That’s our kind of show.

Our man also passed along a couple other stories he heard second hand from a few of the more outgoing groups at the show. Now, Lebanon is within hollering distance from the rhinestone-encrusted skyline of Nashville, so it’s only natural that some of our friends and acquaintances would make their way down to Broadway to check out the live music, adult beverages, and maybe even photobomb a few bachelorette parties while they were at it. I can’t name names or reveal identities, but from all accounts, it sounds like mucho fun was had and nobody we know landed in jail. Seriously, though, Nashville is a fun sight to see while you’re in town for this event.

It’s normal fare for me to report the weather for an event, and this one is no different. Showgoers got to experience quite a variety of meteorological events all crammed into a 48 hour span. Typical southern heat and humidity, something resembling a derecho, rumbling thunderstorms, and eventual clearing skies couldn’t keep the enthusiastic crowds away. Heck, even the scenesters at the Alpaca event held elsewhere on the fairgrounds campus reveled in the aftermath of the thunder and wind and managed to keep their herds in check. 

If you’re looking for a good time in Early July of 2023, put SETN on your calendar. It’s on ours and we can’t wait to get back to beautiful Tennessee to see all of our friends.

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