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For better or worse, our family can greatly influence who we become. Whether it’s deciding what college to go to, which occupation to pursue, or even just which hobbies one enjoys, a lot of what makes us who we are is based on our exposure to different things through our experiences with our family. 

Ruben Terrazas of Midland, Texas, was certainly influenced by his father, who was a diehard Chevy truck enthusiast. Growing up around his dad’s Chevys, it was only natural for Ruben to start getting the itch to own one of his own. Well, one turned into two, two turned into four, and before he knew it, Ruben found himself buying and selling Chevy trucks as a side hustle. 

Through his years of experience flipping trucks, Ruben has been able to come across some killer deals. One of Ruben’s go-to moves for finding trucks to buy is simply asking on various social media platforms. After one such post on Facebook, he was contacted by Gabriel Sandoval of San Benito, Texas, who said he had a truck Ruben might be interested in. After checking out the pics that Gabriel slid into his DM’s (pics of the truck, you guys – geez), Ruben realized that the truck was built pretty much exactly how he had planned on building his own truck someday. 

Gabriel and Ruben struck a deal, and a few days later Ruben was bringing home the ‘68 C-10 you see here. But as amazing as this truck appears on the outside, there’s even more to admire underneath! A completely custom tubular chassis laid the foundation, with QA1 coil-overs and Wilwood brakes all around. The Specialty Forged Sport Series SS104 wheels were the perfect fit for the truck after some careful trimming and tubbing, and measure 22×10 for the front and 24×16 for the rear, with 265/30ZR22 and 405/25ZR24 Pirelli tires for maximum performance. 

So why would Ruben’s truck need 405mm wide rear rubber? Well, aside from looking gnarly, there’s that 1,200-hp twin turbo 427 cubic-inch LSX under the hood, so yeah – those tires kind of serve a purpose, which is why it was also necessary to weld a beefy 4-link to the chassis, with the other ends going to a narrowed Currie Ford 9-inch rear end. Yup, this C-10 was built to party! 

One of the craziest things about Ruben’s Chevy is that even with the crazy engine and the giant, super-wide wheels, the most common question that he gets is: what color is that? Well, for now Ruben isn’t telling, which we can kind of understand. We’ll just keep an eye out online hoping that he’ll eventually slip and mention it somewhere. For now, let’s call it “brown”. 

And speaking of brown, the TMI Products Pro-Classic seating looks amazing and really complements the rest of the truck perfectly, as do the TMI door panels, matching dash pad, and custom center console. Of course, Ruben’s truck wouldn’t be complete without a Vintage Air climate control system as it saves him from sticking to the seats during those Texas’ summer months! 

So, will Ruben really hang onto this truck for the long run? After all, we’ve met plenty of folks who say that they’re never going to sell their trucks, just to turn around and sell it a few months later. We won’t hold it against Ruben if he decides to eventually let go of it to pursue another project, but we get the feeling that he’ll be behind the wheel of this one for quite a while! 

Ruben Terrazas • ‘68 C10

  • Engine & drivetrain work performed by Spike Performance
  • 427 LSX engine
  • Frankenstein intake manifold
  • Twin Precision turbos
  • Custom Magnaflow exhaust
  • Built 4L80E transmission 
  • Custom tubular chassis 
  • QA1 coil-overs front and rear
  • Custom 4-link rear
  • Custom tubular control arms
  • Wilwood brakes front and rear
  • CPP hydroboost setup
  • Chassis and suspension work by Rhino Collision, Cris Antx, Mike Castro, and Hartrods
  • 22x10 and 24x16 Specialty Forged SS104 wheels
  • 265/30ZR22 and 405/25ZR24 Pirelli tires
  • Narrowed Currie 9-inch rear end w/3.73 gears
  • Work performed by Rhino Collision, Cris Antx, and Mike Castro
  • Custom satin bronze paint mix
  • Airbrushed faux wood bed floor
  • TMI Pro-Classic seats
  • TMI molded door panels
  • TMI dash pad
  • Dakota Digital gauges  
  • Vintage Air climate control system

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