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Road Trip – Hart Fab

by Steve Walker
Flash back to 10 years ago. You have a low truck with big wheels. Your choices for inner fenders are slim or none. A cut up set of trailer fenders cobbled into place were the only real choice. It was a dismal time. Today’s choices, however, are nothing short of amazing. Josh Hart, founder and fabricator of Hart Fab in Freedom, Pennsylvania (just outside Pittsburgh), has helped change the face of metal inner fenders.  Take a look around at any big truck show and you will undoubtedly see Hart Fab tubs on every style of C10. They have mild and slammed front tubs available for ‘60-66, ‘67-72, ‘73-87. Each set is hand formed from 18-gauge sheet metal, TIG welded, metal worked to perfection, and ready to bolt on. He also has killer rear wheel tubs for ‘67-72 trucks with raised bed floors available in a wild assortment of styles from stock-appearing to full-on custom.  Some of the other items Josh offers are his always popular bed pockets and charging post pockets. Designed for remote charging post location, they are commonly installed in raised bed floor applications for easier charging and battery disconnection. Firewall shaver panels, firewall splash panels, and tucked license plate boxes round out the product line. Inside Hart Fab HQ, we found several jaw dropping works in progress that you’ve most likely seen on social media. Danny Mathews’ Blue Ballz truck is the perfect showcase for Josh’s metal working talent. You could literally spend hours taking in the details on this truck. From the lowered core support that flows into the tubs to the metal work on the raised bed floor, it is a collection of artwork.  For more information on Hart Fab products, check out www.hart-fab.com.

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