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CK Truck Mag September 2021 – Issue #12


116 pages filled with the finest trucks, products and more for any Chevy or GMC truck enthusiast. This is one magazine only. Quantities are limited!

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September 2021 – 116 pages.

  • Monkey Business – Allen Bailey’s Gas Monkey Garage-built C10 is over the top and fresh as it gets
  • Benny for Prez – Benny Carelock’s ‘70 Blazer is an amazing transformation from great to greater than
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Like revisiting an old friend, Classic Car Studio’s shop truck hasn’t changed a bit
  • Five Deuce – The guys at Todd’s Rods knocked it into the next park with their ‘52 3100 build
  • Orange You Glad? – Knock knock. Who’s there? A bad ass 454SS from Hill’s Hot Rods. Duh.
  • New Creations Hangout – We visited Jason Mode and the crew at New Creations for some good ol’ North Carolina hospitality and rad trucks
  • OBS Stop & Drop  – Switch Suspension QA1 suspension and Pro Performance brake upgrades

Note: This is one magazine only.

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