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Pro Touring Truck Shootout 2020

by Scott Mason

Shredding tires at NCM Motorsports Park

A first of its kind. Bowling Green, Kentucky is nestled in the heart of the country on this side of the Mississippi, and is home of the Corvette. It hosts many premier events like Holley’s LS Fest and the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals because of its ideal location. The Pro Touring Truck Shootout has just planted their flag in that field of great events, and staked their claim to the largest all-truck autocross competition in the country.
Autocross events are typically a very popular activity within a larger event like Goodguys, LS Fest or the C10 Nationals, but not this event. The Pro Touring Truck Shootout is a stand alone event of its own. When Arnie Gonzalez, the Godfather of Autocross, started to shop the idea that there was a need for an just-for-trucks autocross event, there was plenty of support from sponsors, builders and truck owners who agreed. Arnie calls Henderson, Tennessee, home, which is only a couple of hours from NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green.
In early August, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with clear blue skies, there was a SOLD OUT group of trucks that all showed up from all over the country for this first of its kind Pro Touring Truck competition. It was a who’s who of chassis and suspension builders, drivers and trucks. No Limit Engineering, GSI, and Level 7 were just a few manufacturers showing off their goods on the track and in the Vendor Alley. Many brought trucks or had their customers bring trucks with their products.
There were four classes: Outlaw (Rob McGregor winner, Tyler Gibson runner-up); Pro Touring 1 (Brian Finch winner, Michael Williams runner-up); Pro Touring 2 (Danny Cartwright winner, Jeff Shavers runner-up); and Novice (Brandon Carter winner, Olof Olsslon runner-up). It was by far some of the best autocross competition we have ever seen. The Chevy/GMC trucks dominated the overall truck count, and yes there were some F*rd and D*dge there (even a Scout), but it was a blast just the same.
This event is really a large part of what our hobby is, especially with trucks. We like to drive them. For some of us, it may be only be to local shows and down to our favorite ice box to pick up a fresh cold six pack on a warm day. Others like to step it up a bit. You know. Those times when you get out of the truck and whisper “sorry”. Who can refuse when that Mustang parrot shows up next to you at a red light and he needs to be shown who’s boss? A little abuse is what gets the blood flowing, it’s what makes driving these trucks fun.
We encourage everyone to participate in any autocross event near you, or maybe your local driving club. It teaches you how to drive your truck to get the best results. You learn what setups work for others and you can decide how extreme you want to get with your setup. As mentioned before, everyone has a different balance of comfort and performance that they are comfortable with. Thats what many of these manufacturers do, they are experts there to help you choose. How many of us have watched an autocross and thought, “Damn that looks fun”. That’s because it is!

The Pro Truck Shootout also had what we would call a social distancing picnic. Trucks that were not necessarily competing, but were there to watch and support friends and the hobby. Maybe next year this part of the event will also grow. Arnie has some big plans for this event to grow now that he has got this successful one under his belt. He has attracted the attention of some sponsors and other trucks,  and has plans to add a second event in Arizona in the spring and possibly a Shootout that would be East vs West throwdown from the Kentucky and Arizona events. Look for bigger and better things to come from this event next year as Arnie knows how to produce a first class event. We hope to see you there!

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