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by Scott Mason

The members of the Upstate South Carolina GM Truck Club crew know how to throw a party. Though we covered last year’s event, this was our first trip in person to Picnic @ The Mill in Lyman, South Carolina. To say that we were impressed would be like saying that a cut-with-your-fork Ruth’s Chris filet is “pretty good”. This group of dudes and dudettes nailed it. Great weather, strong turnout, quality trucks, and great folks. A recipe built for success.

The backdrop for the event is the former Lyman Printing and Finishing Mill, which was built by Pacific Mills way back in 1924. The mill changed the landscape and focus of this quaint, pit-stop town once known to locals as Goce’s Stop, and provided over 70 years of thriving business for many of its residents. The mill eventually closed its doors for good in 1996, and Picnic @ The Mill continues to celebrate the heritage and pay respect to the little village situated between Atlanta and Charlotte. 

The event is much more than a truck show, however. According to point man, Matt Criswell, this year’s event brought in record numbers of contributions:

  • Trucks: 288
  • Spectators: 1,000
  • Change Jug: $375
  • Kool-Aid money raised: $400
  • 6 overflowing grocery carts of food for the pantry
  • Blood donations that will provide 30 transfusions 
  • More than $3,000 raised for Middle Tyger Community Center programs

Facebook: PicnicAtTheMill      Instagram: picnicatthemill

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