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Picnic at the Mill

by Scott Mason

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May 2021 was filled with a string of events the Southeastern United States area would rather forget. Early in the month, a cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline left the area short on fuel across a swath stretching from New Jersey to Texas to Florida. With the Upstate South Carolina GM Truck Club’s Picnic at the Mill approaching, and shortages hitting hard, online discussions typically punctuated with “Who’s bringing what to the show this weekend,” swiftly changed to, “Who has some gas I can borrow to get to the show.” 

Truck guys are an impressive bunch, though. Where there’s a will, there’s certainly a way. And where there’s a dilemma, there are plenty of hands reaching out to offer help. A social media support network kept everyone abreast of what gas stations had fuel along the major arteries to and from the event site at the old textile mill in Lyman, South Carolina. 

According to Matt Criswell, “We had nearly 300 trucks at the picnic, despite Covid and a gasoline shortage. We were able to fill an entire C10 bed with food donations (valued at $2,000) and we raised an additional $2,000 for local charities to use for school supplies, clothing and toys for local children. Our VIP row featured 20+ high end build, and Racers Row brought out a dozen local mud trucks and drag trucks.”

The Upstate SC GM Truck Club motto is “Rust or shine, they all look fine!” Each year they select the best “Rust” and “Best Shine” winners from the show and from the club. this yea’s winners were:

Best Rust Club – Ian Thompson’s Heavy Heifer

Best Shine Club – Sonny Scott’s 66 C10

Best Rust Show – Donnie Bird’s Corvair Ramp Truck

Best Shine Show – Jonathan Day’s C10

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