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OBS Stop & Drop

by Kevin Whipps

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Out Of The Box Handling – Turning A Pace Truck Into A Canyon Carver

Time was you just bought a set of springs for your truck and called it a day. But now you’ve got a ton more choices: Airbags, static drops, and, of course, coilovers. And if you choose that last one, you’ve got a ton of adjustability and substantially better handling in one package. 

QA1 has been making coilover kits for what seems like forever now, and their Classic Truck Conversion system brings the concept to your favorite truck. In this case, we’re working with a 1993 Chevrolet Silverado, but it’s not just any bowtie. This is an Indianapolis 500 special, and prior to its stop at Switch Suspension, it was bone stock. The owner wanted to give the truck the kind of handling that it deserved, and the QA1 kit fit the bill. 

While OBS trucks have always been popular, one problem has been the lack of big brake kits out there for the bodystyle. Now don’t get it twisted – big brake kits exist. But if you want to install them on lowered spindles, you’ll end up widening your track width. Depending on the wheels you want to run, this could be a problem. Not so much anymore. 

Thanks to the combination of React Suspension spindles and the Pro Performance 14-inch Revelator brake system, you can get big brakes on your ‘88-’98 Silverado with no track width issues at all. So when the owner of this 1993 Indy Pace Truck came to Switch Suspension to make his ride handle like a dream with a QA1 coilover kit, adding the big brakes was the perfect addition. 

At this point the QA1 kit has already been installed, so follow along as the team at Switch Suspension installs the React Suspension spindles and that 14-inch Revelator setup from Pro Performance.

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