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by Scott Mason


The Buddy Bucket seat was one of the most rare options for 1967-68 CST trucks, and now you can own a set of Slosh Tubz wildly popular reproductions that are almost identical to the original…. Except for a few upgrades! Both seat backs fold and both seat bottoms slide. The slider brackets for both seats have been moved to the inside so you don’t see them from the outside edges. Shells are made from 11 gauge steel and powder coated semi gloss black.

Slosh Tubz’ Buddy Buckets are a direct bolt in for 1960-66 and 1967-72 and they also have a version available for ‘73-87 trucks.

Each set includes the frame assembly only. No foam or covers are included. 

Slosh Tubz
(479) 599-9664   
Facebook: SloshTubz   Instagram: slosh_tubz


Expanding on its wildly successful Street & Performance Series of steering gears Borgeson Universal now offers the only quick ratio power steering box to replace the Delphi 800 series in the 1988-1998 Chevrolet OBS trucks. This all-new power steering box has a quick 12.7:1 ratio with firm modern steering feel. The Borgeson Street & Performance power steering box will bolt directly to the stock location and fit to the original power steering pitman arm, steering shaft and power steering hoses. For full application and technical information please visit www.borgeson.com 

P/N 800134 –  Quick Ratio Chevy OBS Power Steering Box

9 Krieger Dr, Travelers Rest, SC 29690
(860) 482-8283
Instagram: borgesonuniversal  Facebook: BorgesonUniversalCompany


The new Cruiser Collection from TMI Products is perfect for the automotive enthusiast who wants modern comfort with a clean and basic style. These high-quality seats offer a budget-friendly price for those who need a quality, comfortable, no-frills seat. Available in two different bucket seat styles along with two different bench seat widths, these seats are for when you want a modern and comfortable feel that compliments the factory OE styling. These new pieces have been refined to offer you more of a stock look while maintaining a “complete interior right out of the box” bolt-in fitment. 

To start, the bucket seats are offered in their Cruiser Collection – Low Back Bucket Seats and Cruiser Collection Pro-Classic Bucket Seat style buckets. Both versions are 100% brand new in-house made with the same seat frames, seat foam, and upholstery as their other seats. The Cruiser Collection Low Back Bucket Seat is a bucket seat with aggressive bolstering to hold you in place along with a modern and comfortable feel. The Cruiser Collection Pro-Classic Bucket Seat has moderate bolstering and is a bit wider which generally fits into trucks a bit better or bigger cars. This seat still offers a modern and comfortable feel for cruising down the road but has less bolstering than the Cruiser Collection Low Back Bucket Seat. Both versions are able to recline and flip forward and are sold as a pair. 

If a bench seat is more your style, the Cruiser Collection comes in either a 55” or a 60” wide bench seat version. Like their bucket seats, they are 100% brand new and have built-in-house seat frames, seat foam, and upholstery. These bench seats are split back to either allow access behind to the rear seat or storage area in a truck. Cruiser Collection Bench Seats offer moderate bolstering so there’s no more sliding across the seat during cornering while also improving comfort. 

All Cruiser Collection seats feature the same classic upholstery pattern and come stock only in black but there are three different colors of contrast stitching available. They all come fully assembled and ready to bolt-into your ride – no sewing or stretching required. All four versions can recline as well to get just the right angle for maximum comfort. Brackets to bolt these into most popular classics are sold separately.

TMI Products
1493 Bentley Drive
Corona, CA 92879
Facebook/Instagram/YouTube: tmiproducts

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