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New Creations Cruise-In

by Scott Mason

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When Jason Mode personally invites you to a cruise-in and tour at his shop, New Creations, you drop everything and get on it. We packed up our cameras and some merch and headed for the sleepy little town of Lattimore, North Carolina. The road trip from Central Ohio to the Charlotte area is beautiful. Rolling hillsides turn to mountainsides and storybook Silvertown villages. The views are amazing. If all road trips had scenery like this, we wouldn’t dread some of the long hauls we make down the highway.

But I digress. I’m rattling on about trees and towns when we all came here for the trucks. We rolled into Lattimore on Friday afternoon as Jason and the New Crüe were getting the place whipped into shape for Saturday’s wing ding. It’s not like it took much – the shop is neat and organized to the max. And packed full of serious hardware. We checked out several C10 builds in progress as well as a bitchin brand new, ground-up ‘57 Chevy Bel Air in its final shakedown process. From fab work, to body and paint, to high-end interiors, New Creations does it all in house and they do it very well. Jason has some high profile builds in line right now, but continues to schedule new projects as he can.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging with old and new friends, watching a out-of-town trucks and their owners roll in for Saturday’s fiesta. As things began to wind down, we met up for some southern hospitality and Forest City’s finest grub with Mr. Mode and the infamous Allen Billings of Clean Slate Detailing, Tik Tok’s @life_of_a_detailer.

Saturday morning brought out all of the early birds and some rad trucks. Before we knew it, 150 trucks had packed the property and it was like a GM truck all-star event and battle of the Carolinas all in one. Friends, familiar faces, trucks, food, good weather (minus a few sprinkles) all made for a weekend we’ll remember for a long time to come. 

Thanks for the invite and we already have you penciled in for next year.

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