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CK Truck Mag March 2022 Issue PREVIEW

by Scott Mason

Is this our BIGGEST and BADDEST issue to date? We’ll let you be the judge of that, but the March issue of CK Truck Mag is exploding with some of the best trucks and events we’ve ever featured. It doesn’t get much bigger or better than hanging in Glendale, Arizona, at Dino’s Git Down with C10 Club’s John Oro and his “Prom Queen” Blazer, along with the one and only Dino Battilana, Truck Talk Media’s Ronnie Wetch, and the legendary Sam Castronova. You’ll absolutely be blown away when you see each and every one of the features and photos inside!

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PROM QUEEN – The Belle of the Ball, John Oro’s Prom Queen reps the C10 Club like no other
DEVIL INSIDE – The devil is in the details and Porter’s Toy Barn has helped build one of the most detailed ‘71 C10’s around
DECATHLETE – Los hombres de Tre 5 are clearly eating different Wheaties than Bruce Jenner ever ate
BLUE COLLAR HAULER – Luke Embry’s C10 has been restored top-to-bottom and everywhere in between

DINO’S GIT DOWN ‘21 – Does it get any bigger or badder than the Git-Down? Need we say more?
C10’s ON THE CAPITAL – Picturesque? Oh yeah! Great peeps? Definitely. Bitchin trucks? Totally.

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