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Making It Big

by Scott Mason

Installing a ‘60-66 Big Window Kit from Classic Parts of America.

Modern replacement sheetmetal has added a whole new dimension to truck building. As recent as 10 years ago, a lot of modern sheetmetal sometimes simply didn’t live up to the hype. The latest advancements in tooling have allowed manufacturers to make parts with a precision unheard of before. It’s also allowed new products to hit the market and fill in the gaps.
‘60-66 GM trucks are super hot right now, especially when they have a big rear window. We know, we know – some guys like the smaller glass. But the larger glass is more luxurious, if you will. And to some degree, it creates a safer driving experience thanks to the added visibility.
In the past, in order to convert a small window truck, you needed a clean inner cab section from a donor big window cab. Strike one. Not something that’s easy to find. Then you have to carefully deconstruct the donor cab to extract the panel. Strike two. By the time the panel is removed, metal worked, and prepped, you will have a considerable amount of time invested.

Enter Classic Parts of America and their brand new big window panel kit. For under $400, you get a brand new panel ready for installation. According to Levi Green of Hammer Fab, installation is very straightforward and fit and fitment is right on. He wrapped this install up without disturbing the original paint and patina on this cab!

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