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by Scott Mason

Brian Oswalt’s Pig Nose 1961 Apache is Better than BBQ

We first laid eyes on Brian Oswalt’s ‘61 Apache at the Slamboree Show in Shawnee, Oklahoma last summer. To say that it was a show stealer for us may be a bit of an understatement. ‘60-66 trucks are wildly popular right now, but it seems most folks tend to go for the more conventional looks of the ‘62-66 models. The earlier ‘60-61 trucks are often overlooked for their arguably bold styling. But not Brian. He embraced that styling and turned this truck into “The Chief” with help from Eric Banks of Game Over Built of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When we saw him rolling into October’s C10 Fall Revival in North Carolina, we knew it was time to click some shots and sit down to let Brian talk….

“Eric and I met at Lone Star Throwdown in 2016. We both had trucks in the show that year. I was super impressed with his F100 build. He picked my truck apart and gave me some constructive criticism on how I could make my truck better. 

Later in 2016, I gave him a call to have him do some chassis work on my 1953 Bel Air. One thing led to another and that little project turned into a full-fledged build. Fast forward one year – with hopes of going to SEMA – we decided to send the Bel Air out for paint, but it didn’t work out as promised. We were jerked around and lied to by this painter for over a year. 

With nothing to work on and a build that seemed to be at a standstill because of a shady paint guy, my Apache came to be. I’m a Chevy guy. With Eric being a diehard Ford guy, there was no better way to pay him back for his lame paint shop referral than to have him build my next C10! I knew his attention to detail was some of the best I had encountered around the show scene. 

We wanted to build something different, which isn’t easy these days in the C10 game. So I thought, how about a 60/61 Chevy truck (AKA pig nose)? You hardly ever see these trucks, let alone customized examples. Eric found a local truck for sale for a reasonable price and we scooped it up. We shared ideas, came to an agreement for a master plan, and he got to work. A truck and a friendship were built… And the rest is history”

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