Accuair's Revolutionary Air Management System

by Fuelish Media

The world of air ride has evolved for the better and AccuAir has definitely helped change the game in managing these systems. We can tell you from past experiences, maintaining air and regulating the preferred suspension height for various driving situations is the biggest struggle. Though old school systems do work, they can be a hassle to deal with. This is where AccuAir steps in as their equipment simplifies everything for ease in operation.

Back in the day if you wanted to manage a set of airbags on your truck’s suspension, you would install a few different components that all worked separate from each other. Compressors would do their thing filling a tank and you would have to manually adjust ‘bag pressure by referring to a set of air pressure gauges with varying readings. Though hitting switches may not sound like a big deal, it can be a struggle when you constantly have to work them in order to make adjustments as you go.

This is where the folks at AccuAir have elevated expectations as their three packages, from Starter to Ultimate, can be setup with features like ride height on start, auto-leveling, and 3 convenient presets, for users who enjoy a less hands-on approach. Furthermore, the systems go into sleep mode after 24-hours of inactivity to save battery power in vehicles that don’t get driven on a regular basis.

The new unit also comes Bluetooth ready so you can control it via the AccuAir’s phone app found on Apple Store and Google Play Store. For those that want an analog controller, the TouchPad+ is available to be wired in. We like its’ stainless-steel magnetic shell that is finished in a matte black nickel coating. Even better is the new LED light that comes on when the compressors are actively filling the tank.

This system works great with the Height+ ride height sensors and the ENDO-VT 3 or 5-gallon air tanks, which have internal valves. However, you can use other tanks in combination with the VU-4 4-corner valve manifold. Alternatively, you can regulate vehicle height with ‘bag sensors found on the Pressure+ option.

With the introduction of these improved products from AccuAir, John Oro of C10 Club was enticed to run this system on his “Prom Queen” ’71 Chevy Blazer. To get it all installed, John took the Blazer to South County (SoCo) Auto Salon in Costa Mesa, CA as it is the premier automotive custom shop in Southern California. With the Blazer in the shop, it took the team about a day and a half to install the full system. Since then, John has been able to fully enjoy his ride with the ability to select the desired suspension height with the touch of a button.

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