by Scott Mason

Lone Star Throwdown is guaranteed to deliver a handful of constants every year. Come monsoon, snowstorm, or sunshine, you always know that there will be a couple thousand bad ass trucks at the Lonestar Expo Center in Conroe, Texas in February. This has been proven, year after year. Second, there will be a substantial number of insane trucks debuted at the event. It’s become a bit of a tradition in our segment of the industry to debut your new build at LST. Third, there will be an enormous variety of trucks. From the lowest of mini trucks to the lifted-est 4×4, low-buck homebuilt to exorbitant YouTuber budget, you’ll see it all and it can be a bit overwhelming, really.

We’re certain that Lonnie and the rest of the LST staff were thrilled to have a weekend blessed with beautiful weather for the 2023 edition of the event. 80 degrees and sunshine was a welcome relief for this northern boy’s winter-pale skin.

Even better, it was good to see the show season kick off to a great start. Even though it’s only been about 3 months since we traveled to our last event of 2022, it feels like an eternity. Always good to catch up with friends from across the country.

Stars of the show for us were Ricky Holly’s stunning unibody square, Terry Rose’s understated and extra elegant Jimmy named Twisted, as well as Tre 5’s latest twin turbo C10 build and “Best Debut” award winner built for Shane Smith. And of course, our favorite show stopper, Dave Schneider’s blown ‘65 C10 never gets old.

If this season starter is any indication of what 2023 has in store, hold on to your shorts, folks. It’s gonna be a great ride!

Instagram/Facebook: lonestarthrowdown

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