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Lonestar Throwdown 2021

by Steve Walker

Our home base is in Ohio, and anytime we have a reason to get out of town in February and head to a warmer climate, we’re on it. We couldn’t wait to get back to a show again to see trucks and people. LST kind of kicks off the show season across the country, and like the Daytona 500, they put the big one first.

Lone Star Throwdown celebrated its ten year anniversary in February as it invaded the Lone Star Expo Center and Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe, Texas, just north of Houston. This event is known for having a little bit of everything, but we were there to see the GM trucks, and they came out in full force.

Seems like with just about any outdoor event, there was a threat of rain, and like most weather forecasts, they were wrong. Friday and Saturday both turned out to be beautiful days with highs near 80°, and the crowds for all three days were record size. Folks were obviously ready to get out and experience a show again.

One thing we realized being at the event for several days, is how much we missed seeing people’s faces and their expressions. Yes, we missed trucks too, but the human interaction was much needed.

On Friday, we kept hearing that the crowd was bigger than normal, which was great, but it wasn’t anything like Saturday. We were fortunate to have a golf cart so we could travel the rolling acres, take photos, and get out and talk to attendees and vendors. Saturday, the crowds were so big, we quit driving the cart because we couldn’t get through roads, as they were packed with people and trucks.

Cruising is a popular activity at this event. There is a variety of music, people, lifted, and lowered trucks. We got to see our share of trucks laying frame as they drove past, and we heard a lot of “ppsssttt” as trucks were adjusting their cruising height. I don’t know if it was Texas or the truck community, or maybe both, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was a very family-friendly atmosphere and a fun atmosphere.

The trucks ranged from just about all years and the level of builds were all over the map. There were some really nice builds and a lot of really cool stories behind these trucks. We also scouted a few for some upcoming features. If you’re looking for inspiration, LST is a great place to start. Whatever your taste, there’s a ton of variety and something for everyone.

Also, we can’t leave out the food, after all we are in Texas. We had some killer brisket, and probably the best carne asada I’ve ever eaten. And the ribs we’re amazing. Food is one of the perks we take full advantage of when traveling, and we get a lot of business done around the dinner table or around a cooler in the parking lot. Oh, and don’t forget Twin Peaks, we stopped by there Friday night for some quality control. Everything checked out just fine.

We had a lot of questions going into this show, not only short term like will it rain this weekend, but more long term. Will people stay home? Are they ready to get out and interact with other people? From what we could see, the answer is YES. The week after we got back, the Governor of Texas opened the state. From what we experienced, people in Texas at least are ready for that, and we think we will see that across the country at events. I think this is a good sign for all of us. Getting back in the groove of things and getting back to business. Seeing friends, driving our trucks, spending money at businesses. We can feel the wave coming, we just hope you and your truck are ready because we want to see you this summer.

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