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Dave & Casey Murphy’s ‘63 C10

by Scott Mason

Dave & Casey Murphy’s ‘63 C10 is farm-fresh on the outside, 5-star plush on the inside

To para-phrase Norwegian playwright Henrik Johan Ibsen, a picture is worth a thousand words. We were going to write a big ol’ story about Dave and Casey Murphy’s ‘63 C10. It was going to have fancy words and funny clichés thrown in here and there. Typical car mag stuff. But the more we looked at the photos of their truck, the easier it was to make the decision to let the photos and the Murphy’s do the talking. In short order, here’s the story. 1,000 words straight from Dave’s iPhone’s voice-to-text and a few lovely photos…

“I first saw the truck back in maybe early 2016 when Boris first purchased it in stock form and posted it on Facebook. I liked it so much at the time that I even saved the picture not realizing I would own it a few years later in even cooler form.
About that time I started really wanting to get into a patina’d C10. At the time I owned a nice ‘62 Bel Air that I had purchased from Boris in ‘12. Had a lot of fun with that car, even managed to get a magazine feature with it. I was however getting a little burned out with the constant polishing and the fear of scratches and was wanting something we could drive the wheels off of with no thought of spending hours cleaning afterwards.

It took a couple years to get the nerve to make the move to sell the Bel Air. In between, I had been watching Boris begin the build of the ‘63 and was still thinking about it. Boris was building it as his personal truck. Finally in June ‘18, I sold the Bel Air and began the hunt for a truck.

Boris caught wind of it and offered to sell me his ‘63 which was about 50% completed. I jumped on that chance knowing many had been trying to buy it by that point. I was honored that Boris offered it to me. And so the deal was stuck. We decided to let Boris complete the build as he had intended and had envisioned, and as Boris half way joked, “That way I do not have to change anything when you sell it back to me lol.”

Funny thing is, during this build process, we have not seen the truck first hand, just the progress pictures Boris has been sending us along the way. We have had the luxury, however, of many Facebook friends popping into the Street Machinery shop and giving us their first hand thoughts, all glowing. We have been thrilled with every mod and thought that has been put into it! At this point we have not yet taken delivery of the truck but that should be very soon. We are VERY excited to begin a whole new era with it. We plan on putting many more miles on this truck then the Bel Air received, with much less cleaning!

Having a full build such as this, with all modern upgrades, has been a dream of mine. This truck has more than surpassed my expectations with the work, innovations, and detail work the crew at Street Machinery has put into it. Boris just may have to wait awhile before we sell this one.”

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