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by Scott Mason

Progress has been steady on Project Dozer. As with any build, I wish I had more time and fewer distractions, but that’s the name of the game, right? 

This new-to-me chassis has had a big ol’ pile of new parts thrown its way in the past month or two and is finally rolling on its own 4 Guniwheels. 

The Tin Works Fabrication frame stiffener and core support crossmember have added a new dimension to the chassis in not only increased rigidity, but also a very tidy, businesslike appearance. No Limit Engineering’s components are strictly business, and along with the Viking coil-overs, should create a comfortable on-road experience along with a competent on-track ability. 

The combination of the Gandrud Chevrolet LS3 6.2L crate motor and Bowler Tremec T56 Magnum transmission coupled to that stout Winter’s quick change rear end should only further add to our true pro-touring experience. When you’re done drooling on this spread, flip the page and check out some more of the details.

1. Chevrolet Performance LS376/480 Long Block 495HP P/N 19420384 from Gandrud Chevrolet

2. 1-7/8” Primary Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers P/N 25-1026 from Speed Engineering

3. Polyurethane Engine Mounts and Adapter Plates from No Limit Engineering

4. Extra Front Clearance Oil Pan P/N 302-2 & Road Race Baffle Kit P/N 302-11 from Holley  

5. Wide Ride Coil-Over Front Suspension System with Rack & Pinion Steering, Tubular Control Arms, Spindles, and Sway Bar from No Limit Engineering   

6. Berserker Series 3-Way Adjustable Coil Overs with 550# (front) and 250# (rear) 12” springs from Viking Performance  

7. Core Support Crossmember P/N 7387-SB-CSC from Tin Works Fabrication  

8. GUNIWHEEL 45 P/N GW.2445 from Guniwheel 

9. Premium Front Bumper P/N 100-4083-1 from Auto Metal Direct 

10. T56 Magnum Mock-Up Transmission P/N 5039 from P-Ayr Products  

11. Frame Stiffener P/N 7387-SB-SBFS from Tin Works Fabrication

12. Fat Bar 4-Link System with C-Notches and Panhard Bar from No Limit Engineering

13. Custom-built Champ Quick Change Rear Axle, 61” Wide with Torino Ends and Axles from
Winters Performance  

14. Premium Rear Bumper P/N 990-4081-1 with Mounting Bracket Kit P/N 970-4081-S, License Plate Mount Kit P/N 945-4067, and Lamp Assembly P/N X946-4067 from Auto Metal Direct

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