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Dino’s Git Down 2020

by Steve Walker

Gittin’ Down with the Big Kat in Glendale, AZ

When it comes to truck shows, all you have to do is mention the name “Dino” and all ears perk up. Everyone knows about Dino’s Git Down in Glendale, Arizona. And if they don’t know about it, they want to know about it.

The 2020 Git-Down was nothing less than spectacular. Sure, everyone had to “mask up to git down,” and the requisite social distancing was in full effect, but it didn’t dampen the spirit and certainly didn’t keep participants away. In fact, the turnout was extremely strong and the quality of trucks was off the chart. Dino Battilana and his Chevy Only crew know how to throw a freakin’ party.

The usual cast of westside players were in the house. Squarebody Syndicate’s display was like a who’s who in the C10 scene. Two quintessential squarebodies – SS01 and SS02 – were on display and they even a guest appearance by everyone’s favorite Canadian Instagram megastar, Nellster.

Provost Motorsports was in full party mode. Their booth was packed with goodness. From their rad red ‘74 square, to their Goldie Blazer, to the unveiling of John Oro’s Prom Queen re-dux, Sean Provost and crew were covering all the bases. 

Switch Suspension’s booth was ragin’ with tons of merch and rad trucks on display, including a former CK Truck Mag feature (Rob Francis ‘73 C10 Feb ‘21) and a future feature (blue ‘49 Chevy April ‘21).

Our dudes from Hill’s Hot Rods brought their beautiful red semi rig all the way from Lubbock, Texas. They had it packed full of sweet trucks including everyone’s favorite flamed square, Red Rocker. If you like ‘80’s hair metal, their booth was jammin’ all weekend long.

To say this event is the place to be seen, is no joke. The C10 Talk booth was overflowing with talent. The man on the mic, Ronnie Wetch, had his Orange Slice parked shoulder-to-shoulder with Cody Cassell’s show-stealing orange sport stepper. Ronnie was covering the show grounds like warm butter on hot toast. He was selling shirts, interviewing peeps for the pod’, MC-ing the Beat Off stereo comp, kissing babies, shaking hands, and showing off that glorious ‘stache.

Lots of Phoenix shops were on hand showing off their goods. Tre 5 had an impressive lineup of tin. Chef Michael White’s Magnusson-supercharged ‘47 Chevy, aptly named “Bad Apple” was front and center and looking fine. Accompanying it was this month’s cover truck, Brian Vowell’s yellow and white square and Frank Rechlin’s Ikandy Paintwork’s ‘63 GMC shop truck Borracho. 

GSI Machine Fab had their rig set up with all the good stuff on shining in the sun. The one that caught our eye was an impressive work-in-progress red squarebody being hammered out by Rad Fab for Paul (@3tgarage on IG). Insane plumbing by Arizona High Test  killer GSI chassis, and so many custom sheetmetal details that our heads were spinning. This truck is going to be the bee’s nutz when they get it wrapped up and we can’t wait to see it. 

Of course, we’d be rude to leave out the host’s collection of fine GM sheetmetal specimens. Mr. Battilana has amassed quite the group of Chevy trucks. From blown pro street to panel delivery, to mint cruisers, and even a blacked-out, supercharged, bagged squarebody, this kat covers a lot of ground and we love ‘em all.

It’s always good to see the faces of our roving reporters that we normally only see on Zoom. Content master Kevin Aguilar from Fuelish Media, and GrinderTV mastermind Brian Goude were hustlin’ as usual. Nate Pierce was clickin’ off some rad shots and flossin the best mullet we’ve seen in almost forever. We even got to spend some time hanging with our buds from United by Trucks.

When the curtain closed, we headed home with our truck family buckets overflowing. Nnnnnice work, Dino.

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