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by Steve Walker

Change is a good thing. With growth comes expansion, and over the last decade, Dino’s Git-Down has grown to a size that was bursting at the seams. 

After the 2021 event, Dino Batillana knew something had to change. His event had grown from a few friends getting together at his house, to a full-blown juggernaut in the truck show scene. So in 2022, Dino and his better half, Terry, got to work and moved the event to Cardinal Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The location is right next to where the event had been held for years, but the stadium facility offered more show parking, cruising, and an area to grill. 

Moving an event is no easy task, and the logistics are huge and complex, but Dino and Terry pulled off another successful event. There were tons of trucks, lots of awesome vendors, and thousands of people having the time of their life. 

Dino’s Git-Down is where you might say it all started. Dino was a pioneer in the truck scene and has really helped drive it to where it is today. Some consider him the “Granddaddy” or “Godfather” who started it all. I don’t think he often gets credit for that, but it’s a fact in my world. Look it up.

This event is unlike any other. It’s unique in that it has a different vibe than any other truck event. The weather is awesome, the people are great, and it has a very laid back, almost party atmosphere. much like being at a family picnic with thousands of your favorite cousins. Cool trucks. Cool people. Cold beer.

For 2023, the team has plans to expand the event into the adjacent parking lot on site to allow for more trucks and vendors. We love Dino’s show because it always puts the “!” at the end of a long show season.

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