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Detroit Speed, Inc. QUADRALink Rear Suspension Kit

by Scott Mason

Detroit Speed, Inc. QUADRALink Rear Suspension Kit – (1973-87 Square Body C10 – Non-Adjustable Shocks – Bolt-In Axle Brackets) 041750

Detroit Speed, Inc. is proud to offer a new line of suspension product for Chevrolet C10 truck enthusiasts! Continuing to reinforce thoughtfully-designed products and modern-day ride quality, we ensure each driver, whether cruising or hauling, will enjoy the look and feel of their truck.

QUADRALink Features:

  • Improved ride quality and stance for daily driving and light-duty hauling
  • Powder coated, 4-link rear suspension with track bar
  • Includes adjustable Detroit Speed Swivel-Links™, coilover shocks and springs, installation hardware, and C-Notch cut template
  • With the Swivel-Links™ pinion angle and/or wheelbase can be adjusted without unbolting the link from the car.
  • Laser-cut brackets compatible with original axle, wiring and brake lines
  • Adjustable upper shock mount relocates 1” up or down from nominal, allowing for change in ride height without affecting shock travel
  • C-Notch plate creates additional axle clearance at lower ride heights
  • Bolt-on and weld-on options available

Visit Detroit Speed’s website for more info: https://www.detroitspeed.com



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