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CPP Rear Dump Cast Iron LS Exhaust Manifolds

by Steve Walker
New LS Cast exhaust manifolds are now available, designed for rear-steer applications such as the 1967- 69 Camaro, 1968-74 Nova and other GM LS powered applications. These manifolds are designed with a center dump configuration. Unlike most stock style manifolds, this center dump configuration provides more space at the rear of the motor and firewall where extra space is often just not available. The smooth round ports allow for better flow and increased horsepower. Includes gaskets, head pipe flanges and all hardware. Available for all popular LS and Vortec applications except LS7 and LS9. Manifolds available in raw, chrome, black and silver ceramic finishes.
More information here: http://teamcpp.com/2020/11/cpps-ls-exhaust-manifolds-are-hospitable-to-horsepower/
Pricing and to Purchase here: https://www.classicperform.com/NewProducts/2016/LS-Cast-Iron-Manifolds.htm
LSCDM-R Raw $225.00
LSCDM-B Black $330.00
LSCDM-SC Silver Ceramic $349.00
LSCDM-C Chrome $390.00

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