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Could This Be The Most Beautiful Backdrop Ever For A Truck Show?

by Todd Manchester

My wife, Jenn, and I have spent a lot of time and logged a ton of miles on old trucks traveling to shows for several years. Shows like Dino’s Git Down, Brothers, and C10 Intervention, and felt the need for a premiere Chevy and GMC event in the Pacific Northwest. There are so many beautiful, well built trucks in the area and we wanted to create an event that would draw them out to be seen, bring people together, and bring the vibe of the shows down south as well as putting on an event that will draw trucks and great people from outside the PNW. Everyone enjoys getting to see something out of the norm, so drawing trucks in from a large demographic with an amazing venue and a fun relaxing atmosphere was very important to us when planning this show.

All Chevy and GMC trucks (and vans) from 1908-1998 are welcome, and we encourage all to come, from beater projects to high end trailer queens. Everyone enjoys the trucks, and at the end of the day we all have the same interests and have appreciation for them all. It’s all about getting together with good people and having fun. The Northwest is where so many of these trucks have spent their lives doing work and now we have an abundance of these old work horses seeing new life as someone’s pride and joy. This show gives the opportunity to all to bring out their trucks, visit with our vendors, and pick up some C10 swag.

2021 was our second year for the show. After bringing on Brothers Truck Parts as our title sponsor, and with a ton of support from C10 Intervention and C10 Club, and we more than doubled our numbers from our previous year. We expect the show to continue to grow in big numbers in the years to come. The venue is hard to beat – parking your pride and joy in the grass next to the lake with the trees and the capital building in the back ground in the heart of down town Olympia is hard to beat. Toss in a great group of people, some pre-show fun at the hotel the night before and this show is a must. We look forward to the years to come and cant wait for attendees to see what we have in store.

More Info:    pnwc10.com     instagram: c10sonthecapital

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