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by Steve Walker

C10’s on the Capital is set on the lake of Heritage Park, nestled in the beautiful trees of Olympia, Washington. The Pacific Northwest is one of the most stunning areas we have in the US, and hands down one of my favorites. The @pnc_c10 Washington C10 Club chose this park because it is at the bottom of the historic state capital building overlooking the lake in Heritage Park.  

Todd and Jenn Manchester, their families, and the Washington C10 Club members put this show on in August because most of the year it’s wet in this part of the country. Make no mistake about it, when I came through the gate that morning, Jenn was the one in charge and running things. Her brother actually picked us up at the airport that morning, so we got to hear about the history of the show, the location, and Todd and Jenn, themselves. 

I was taken aback by the unique setting and laid back atmosphere that the show offered. The weather was fantastic and hundreds of trucks kept coming through the gate. According to Jenn, this was a record number of trucks for this event. The Pacific Northwest (PNW) has a long history of trucks with its logging industry. In logging there are trucks built for specific tasks, so there were a handfull of trucks that I didn’t know even existed, or had not seen in pristine condition. It rains a lot here and snows up in the mountains, but they don’t use salt, so it helps preserv the trucks and leaves them in great shape.

I also got to hang out with Nate Pierce, shoot some amazing features, and make lots of new truck friends. There were even a few trucks from Canada, and I got an education on snacks, booze and foods from north of the border. We also hear the Poutine up north is great. Thanks Jeff & Sara!

We love this event because of the beautiful setting and great people. It’s an area of the country where we wish there were more events like this and we can’t wait for next year!

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