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Armadillos, Rattlers, and Texas-Sized Humidity. Waxahachie is where it's at.

by Scott Mason

Waxahachie, Texas, is just a stone’s throw from Dallas-Fort Worth. It’s easy to get there from here. If you’re flying in, DFW is one of the best airports in the country for getting in and getting out quickly. If you’re driving, the Texas road system is top notch. The drive time between the major cities can be daunting, but their network of expressways and major byways allow you to haul booty. 

The 2021 edition of C10’s in the Park had an agenda. Since 2020’s event was put on the COVID backburner, the ‘21 event was all about making up for lost time. Getzendaner Memorial Park, in the heart of the City, was brimming with 1203 of the hottest pre-1987 Chevy and GMC trucks to grace this planet of ours. 

Caitlin Parker’s Darcy the Duallie was the talk of the show. Those graphics and that GSI chassis laid out was a sight to behold. The assortment of trucks on hand was astounding – from ratty daily drivers to multiple 6-figure builds, it was all there, chilling in the shade, hiding from that Texas sun. 

Friday night’s cruise in was a show in itself and was an excellent kickoff to the weekend, while Saturday evening’s downtown party on the square was the perfect way to wind down with a few coldies, the homies, and some great live music. 

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