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by Scott Mason

Don’t mess with Texas. That’s exactly what the socks I bought at Buc-ee’s say on them. No worries – I love Texas and have no reason on Earth to mess with anything in the entire state. I suppose if I were a big NFL fan, I would make a comment about the Cowboys right about this point in the story, but that may trigger a few of you. I’ll step aside now.

Waxahachie, Texas, is a cool spot on the map. I ramble on about it each time we come home from C10’s in the Park. But daggone it, li’l old Waxahachie is the home to Meat Church BBQ Supply. If you love BBQ, then you know. Need I say more? It’s also home to the beautiful Getzendaner Park, right smack dab in the middle of the town. Giant trees provide a canopy of shade to the entire park and help create a backdrop that is second to none when it comes to truck shows in this part of the country. The shade also helps combat that Texas heat. As I write this, it’s going to hit a high of 39 degrees in my area, so I wouldn’t be complaining about a little heat right about now. I digress.

From the cruise-in on Friday night (sponsored by your favorite truck mag) to Saturday night’s downtown party on the square, our group thoroughly enjoys every minute of C10’s in the park each year. It feels like a friendly-cozy-comfort food-fried chicken-full moon kind of weekend. If you’ve experienced it, raise your hand and tell the unwashed masses what they’re missing! Will we be back next year? Totally.

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