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Atlanta Georgia

by Scott Mason

GM truck events seem to find a way of making the most of their local venues, regardless of type, size, or shape. City parks, speedways, fairgrounds, parking garages, shopping mall parking lots, drag strips, and even country estates. The diversity is immense and serves to add a distinct, individual flavor to the events the C10 community embraces. 

Late last year, when we first heard of the new location for the 2022 edition of C10’s in the City, I knew it would be a must-attend event. Summerhill is one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods and part of the 26 neighborhoods that make up the Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit system and directly south of Downtown Atlanta. The Centennial Olympic Stadium in Summerhill was the site of the opening and closing ceremonies for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games as well as all of track and field events. After the Olympics, the stadium became Turner Field, and home to the Atlanta Braves until the end of their 2016 season. Now home to the Georgia State Panthers football team, Center Parc Stadium is within eye-shot of the venue for C10’s in the City, and an incredible part of the visual backdrop, along with the up-and-coming real estate developments and urban sprawl popping up throughout this community.

When show promoters, Rick Cheeseman and Sarah Boim told us that we would have a great time in Atlanta, we had little reason to doubt them. Their suggestions led us to stay in downtown Decatur, just a few miles from the show venue. Decatur is an amazing area, with winding, tree-lined streets filled with beautiful homes, and sprinkled with incredible restaurants and pubs, as well as a seemingly hopping night life. 10/10 we will return to stay in the same spot for next year’s event.

All of my rambling about Hotlanta almost had me leaving out the part we all came for. The show was full of amazing trucks and tons of friendly faces, both new and old, and we have the photos to prove it! This event is growing quickly and is on the right track for success. Heck, do yourself a favor and pencil out the time next year to head to C10’s in the City. I promise, you’ll be glad you did. We’ll see you there.

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