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by Scott Mason

If we haven’t made it clear in the past, the best dang part of the C10 community is the people involved. Hence the reason why it’s known as a “community”. Many other segments of the automotive world tend to refer to their respective culture as a “scene”. I won’t get into the subjective differences between the two, but the descriptors tend to differentiate themselves with little additional help needed. 

A thriving community’s success is largely a product of it’s members and what they cultivate within their surroundings. Rick Cheeseman and Sarah Boim have been spearheading C10’s in the City events in Atlanta over the past couple years, and they are certainly reaping what they are sewing. Their mission statement is simple, yet the premise of the event is multi-faceted. First and foremost, the big benefactor of the show is Pink Fund and breast cancer patient support. It’s a cause that is near and dear to them, and something that is bigger than all of the sheetmetal and oil on the planet. We applaud Rick and Sarah’s efforts and are proud that we could be a big part of the 2022 fall event. It also provides a reason for everyone to get together, show off their rigs, and have an amazing weekend. 

The Labor Day 2022 C10’s in the City event was held in metro Atlanta’s Summerhill neighborhood, in the shadows of the 1996 Olympic stadium and grounds. The Olympic rings still adorn a monument that proudly spans the street in front of the show venue and is visible to show-goers. It’s cool to think that 27 years ago, the world’s eyes were focused upon that very spot for an event that transcends pretty much any other event. 

It’s always great when we can get together with our friends, enjoy what we love, and do good things. We’re looking forward to seeing this show grow. With the support of AMD, United By Trucks, Howe’s it Doin’ Garage, and many more, we have a feeling this is event going to blow the roof off.

Instagram: c10_in_the_city      Facebook: C10ITC      c10sinthecity.com      pinkfund.org

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