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With so many new events popping up in the last year, it’s hard to decide which ones are worth traveling to. For us, the decision was easy about attending the C10 SLO Down as we knew that members of the C/10 Club were behind it and they have never disappointed us with a good time. Based off of what they were telling us about it, we were more than convinced this one was worth the effort.

Though it seemed like this was a completely new event, it was actually the second year. The first was kicked off in 2021 by C/10 Club Central Coast California chapter member Paul Karp and was held at a local park. At the time, Paul knew there was a need for a show of this kind in the area and took it upon himself to make things happen. However, he quickly found out that there is much more to making a big event than he accounted for.

Paul also knew there was much more potential and that he needed some experienced figureheads in the scene to help grow this event into something that the masses could enjoy. Having attended many other successful events on the West Coast, Paul recruited John Oro, Carlos Vidales and Tony Ortega of C10 Intervention (@c10intervention) to help make the C10 SLO Down a staple in the scene.

Since holding an event at a local park comes with space limitations, the crew looked for a venue that could support an event of a large magnitude. After checking out many nearby places, they landed on the Madonna Inn located in San Luis Obispo (SLO), CA. If you are not familiar with this place, we can tell you that it is an odd but interesting tourist attraction for travelers on Highway 101. Not only is this a popular spot for sightseers, it has plenty of room for a big show.

With the date set for July 23rd, it was on to promoting in order to let everyone know about the upcoming event. Getting the word out is imperative and the crew passed out flyers at many other major shows and had a relentless approach on social media. Their hard work paid off in the end as 800-vehicles and around 7,500 spectators showed up for a good time.

Upon arrival, we were surprised to set our sights on the sea of custom trucks that flooded the grounds. The vibe was good too and everyone seemed to be laid back during the show. There was even a local brewery onsite and a reggae band to give showgoers a taste of the SLO vibe. The only problem we encountered was having enough time to check everything out before the day came to an end.

We really enjoyed this one, as there wasn’t really anything negative that could be said about the experience. We also made this a family trip and stayed longer to enjoy the area. We can tell you it was super chill, and we are more than ready to head back next year. For info on future events, head to C10 SLO Down’s official Instagram page @c10slodown.

The C10 SLO Down crew would like to thank all of their sponsors including: United Pacific Classic Cars, SLO Brew, Rod and Hammer, McGaughy’s, Fiction Fabrication, Herrera Inc, SOCO Auto Salon, Stone Fab, Dino’s Chevy Only, Ink Dynasty Tattoo, Shorty’s Speed Shop, New Castle Garage, JBV Creations, Aldan American, Drive Your Shit, Petrol Machine Journal, C10 Crew, C10 Coffee, C10 Taqueria, Wine Country Labor and Vieker Hill Custom Fab 

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