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by Scott Mason

Weather is always a hot topic. It’s either too hot or too cold, but never perfect. Unless you live in San Diego. Am I right? Whatever your viewpoint, the summer of 2022 will go down as one of the hottest and most memorable chapters in the storied annals of truck shows. 

Take the annual June pilgrimage to Kansas City, Missouri, for the C10 Shindig, for instance. Now, before we take a deep dive into the Old Farmers’ Almanac for the how’s and why’s of ancient meteorology, let’s just say KC is well known for two things:  bangin’ Bar-B-Q (or BBQ?) and unpredictably stormy summer weather. I’m stoked to say that we achieved 10/10 status on both. We enjoyed our yearly trip to the dive-worthy Bates City BBQ for smoked meats and mac & cheese, and I’ll also tell you that we equally enjoyed dipping our toes in the deep end of the 100+ degree pool. KC is hot and humid in June, but that’s the charm of it all. Facts.

Enough of the old Red Green act, let’s talk about the trucks and fun stuff. Now in its third year, the C10 Shindig is growing in leaps and bounds. Being somewhat land-locked in the Midwest, the show-goers love that they can hit up a world-class show right in their back yard. Cable Dahmer Arena is just east of Kansas City right next to I-70 and has a multitude of great hotels within a minute or two of the venue. The facilities are perfect for a show like this and the number of trucks in attendance this year helped prove that this show is here to stay.

The swap meet and vendor area was buzzing with great deals all day. We saw people carrying their scores around like pirate booty. Heck, a few lucky participants even walked away with some amazing giveaway loot, including a brand new Craftsman tool storage unit and a killer crate engine from our friends at Gandrud Chevrolet. And while I’m speaking about loot, check out the hardware Tracy and Dennis Griffin are holding in the photo to the right. That’s the C10 Shindig Truck of the Year award they are holding for their bitchin truck, White Noise. They’re looking forward to the 2023 edition of C10 Shindig and so are we. See you there! 

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