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C10 Nationals

by Steve Walker

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They say everything is bigger in Texas, right? The crowds this year at any given event have been crazy, but the ClassicParts.com C10 Nationals had the biggest we have seen so far. When it comes to GM Truck events, the C10 Nationals at Texas Motor Speedway in Ft Worth is a must-attend for any classic GM truck enthusiast and it definitely sets the bar for what we like out of a show.

The C10 Nationals isn’t just a truck show, yes they have awards (pretty cool ones too), but they have activities to watch or participate in. CPP has an all GM truck autocross that is free to participate in with trucks of all types, from full race to the daily driver. It’s a great way to see what your truck is capable of and improve the ride.

The Gandrud Chevrolet Performance Dyno runs all day Friday and Saturday and is also free to participate in. It’s a great way to see what kind of horsepower your truck has under the hood, or to prove once and for all that your truck has more HP than your buddies! Saturday afternoon, the Summit Racing Burnout Contest is a real crowd pleaser, and Friday night they have drag racing on pit road. Both are free to participate in with your truck’s entry. Saturday after the PPG Awards Ceremony, the staff at C10 Nationals welcomes all show participants to cruise the track with their truck. It’s a really cool experience.

The Vendor Midway, where we hung out most of the time, was bangin’! It had over 70 vendors with some of the coolest and best stuff for your truck. Oh yeah, the NASCAR rides, we almost forgot! Talk about exhilarating, taking a ride at over 160 MPH puts a smile on anyone’s face.

The C10 Nationals features some of the best builds in the country, but also welcomes the rusty sh*tbox that you’re just getting started on. It’s a great source of inspiration. The name is C10 Nationals, but they welcome all kinds of GM trucks. 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, lowered, lifted – you name it. If it’s a 1947-Up Chevrolet or GMC full-size truck, you will find it here.

What we like about this show is the unique setting. It’s inside the track, on the infield of Texas Motor Speedway. Driving through that tunnel each morning just adds a lot of cool factor, and because most of the infield is paved, rain isn’t a worry and it allows them plenty of space to have all of the activities and trucks.

They also do a Thursday afternoon cruise. It varies from year-to-year where they go, but this year it was at a really cool restaurant. There were free gifts for anyone who attended, a bunch of raffled items, and they even bought everyone two beers!

This year they had record crowds both days and great weather. There were so many trucks, it was really hard to decide which shots to put in print! It’s nice to see people (and trucks) back out again and to meet our customers and to be able to make new friends. We have a full schedule of events to attend this year, so if we have not seen you yet, we hope to see you soon!

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