Nashville SuperSpeedway was Jammin' with C10's.

by Scott Mason

If you’ve ever been to Nashville, you probably understand the allure. The area is not only beautiful, but also bustling with activity and things to do in every direction you look. Want to check out a honky tonk? Look no further. Live music, shopping, weekend getaway, bachelorette party? Nashville has you covered. Heck, even the iconic Gibson guitar factory is located there. 

And Nashville is alive and kicking when it comes to motorsports and automotivecentric entertainment. IndyCar’s Music City Grand Prix and NASCAR’s Ally 400 at the Nashville Superspeedway helped put the city back on the racing map last year. 

The inaugural 2021 Classic Parts of America C10 Nationals at Nashville Superspeedway also launched a new location for the event franchise that brought GM truck enthusiasts from 38 states. The recently renovated facility was the perfect backdrop for an event of this scale and allowed for a myriad of activities throughout the weekend. On top of the huge showfield, the wildly popular CPP Autocross kept show-goers entertained, while a large display of vendors showed off and sold their goods to the crowd. The weather was picture perfect and made for an very enjoyable early October truck show. Put this one on your list for 2022! 

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