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by Scott Mason

I’m from Ohio. You’re entitled to your opinion about that, but the fact remains that I’m not really cut out for the soupy heat and humidity that most Texans call “normal”. Sure, my hometown may experience a streak of humid July days in the mid-90’s, but it’s typically short-lived, and temps usually retreat to palatable numbers sooner than later. Fort Worth, Texas, on the other hand… The folks who live there are obviously accustomed to the heat and most seem to look a 98 degree day straight in the eye and go on about their business. I’m a wuss.

Now that we’ve established that the weather was steamy, let me also establish that the trucks and crowd at the C10 Nationals Texas event in May were equally hot. Heck, dare I say hotter? This year’s 2-day event had nearly 1,400 trucks on hand, too many vendors and manufacturers on hand to count, a bangin’ swap meet, NASCAR on-track ride-alongs, a rowdy burnout contest, top-notch autocrossing, Friday night no-prep drag racing, a real deal ferris wheel, and one lucky dog even drove home in a Squarebody given away at the awards ceremony. And did I mention that you have the opportunity to drive your truck on the track? If you couldn’t find something fun to do, you would have to be asleep at the wheel.

Texas Motor Speedway, just outside Fort Worth, is an amazing backdrop for an event of this magnitude. It literally has everything you could ask for – easy in-out access, superb facilities, plenty of parking, and room for this event to keep growing.

And when we say the trucks are hot, that’s no joke. Texas has some of the finest C10 iron on the planet and tons of them were on hand. Let’s not narrow the field down to only trucks from Texas – there were participants on hand from something like 35 states! If I had to base the success of the show by the show-goers’ smiles, I would say without a doubt, C10 Nats Texas was a huge hit.

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