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If You Weren't Here, Where the Heck Were You?

by Steve Walker

Growing up in the Midwest, Scott and I don’t get the chance to experience the great weather and awesome trucks year round like you West Coasters do. Every year on Labor Day weekend, the guys at Dropped Lower put on the Brothers C10 Intervention in beautiful and historic downtown Woodland, California. The Northern California sunsets, the weather, the trucks, and the people make this event the premiere left coast C10 event. 

Saturday night kicks off with a cruise on Main Street and a mixer to follow. Sunday the train starts rolling in early, with a cap of around 1,000 GM trucks. The Provost Customs VIP area was off the chain with a cigar roller, barber, and more. For the entire experience of “sights and sounds” the main stage provided music, and the trucks provided the sights. 

Nothing says California like a warm sunset with some of the nicest C10 trucks on the coast. With trucks rollin’ down main street, great music and some cold brews in the cooler, the atmosphere is one-of-a-kind at this event. We also got to spend some time with Tony and Carlos while at Dino’s (when they weren’t so busy) and they are fun guys who have the pulse of the C10 scene on the West Coast. The quality of trucks makes it one of our favorites of the year. Make sure you put it on your calendar for 2022! 

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