Home Show Coverage C10 INTERVENTION 2020


by Nate Pierce

Intervention or Bust!

When it comes to West Coast Chevy truck events, the C10 Intervention presented by Brothers Truck Parts is quickly climbing the ranks. Hosted by the C10 Club, C10 Club Sacramento, and Dropped Lower, 2020’s event was the third go-round of the ‘Intervention and to say it was well received might be more than an understatement. The 450 available show spots sold out in just 24 hours. Considering the COVID-19 restrictions in Nor-Cal (and the rest of the world), we’d say that’s pretty bad ass! There were trucks from all over the western part of the country. California trucks were well represented, but there were also participants from Arizona, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon, and maybe even some states that we missed. The Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn, California was the destination spot for Chevy truck lovers and there was a plethora of iron to feast your eyes on. As the gates opened early Sunday morning, trucks poured in for a at least a couple hours. Inside the fairgrounds, Provost Motorsports hosted a VIP lounge with food, drinks and shade, and even a few haircuts. Bitchin’ billet trophies were awarded to 15 winners. Clubs and crews were well represented with banners, signage, and BBQ’s. Our hats are off to the fine folks who put together the 2020 event. Are we looking forward to the 2021 Intervention? Does California have sandy beaches?

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