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by Steve Walker

As summer begins to fade away, many of us may need an “intervention” to prepare for the colder months ahead, along with the holidays. I’m not sure if that’s where the guys behind the C10 Intervention came up with the name for their event, but in my mind that’s how I see it. The warm weather and beautiful sunsets are reminders that changes are coming soon and we need to get out and enjoy the few shows left for the year. 

At C10 Intervention, it seems like when the sun goes down, so do the trucks. The show is in Woodland, California. That’s in northern Cali for those of you not familiar. It’s beautiful up there with lots of trees, great views, and picture-perfect sunsets. It’s nestled between the ocean and the mountains, and has an awesome mix of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Trucks from Arizona to Canada make it out to the event, and they always have top-notch quality rides. As we have been educated, to use the correct term, the So-Cal guys “come deep” with C10 Clubs from all over California rollin’ in and bringing the trucks and the party.

Tony, Carlos, John, and the guys always go first class and roll out the red carpet for special guests and attendees. They have bitchin’ awards, great atmosphere, music, and there’s always cold brews around if you know where to look. They have really put a lot of work and thought into the layout of the show and working with local businesses and the city to provide a very “user friendly” experience. I personally really like the way they are able to bring the north and south together on the west coast for a good time.

This event typically has the usual heavy hitters from the west coast. Well known trucks and some of the usual faces you see at many truck events. Cali always does it their own way and I like that, it’s fun. Of course I’m sucker for a taco here, and a coldie there throughout the day.  

If you are thinking of spending Labor Day with your family, remember spending it with Uncle Bob is not as cool as hanging with your truck family at the C10 Intervention. See you there in 2023. , Now who’s bringing the tacos?

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