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by Steve Walker

Nikki & Danny Romero 1985 C10

When it comes to building a rad truck, you just have to make a plan and dive in head first. That’s exactly what Pueblo, Colorado’s Danny and Nikki Romero did with their 1985 C10. They started out with a clean truck, put together a wish list, and got down to business.

First up on their list was big horsepower. They wanted a setup that they could easily drive on the street but would have truckloads of horsepower and torque at the push of a pedal. That came in the form of a 376 cubic inch LS-based engine with a bunch of parts from Texas Speed s vast catalog. A K1 Technologies crankshaft swings Diamond Racing pistons while an On3 Performance 80mm turbo pushes air through a mid-rise Holley intake manifold and Sniper throttle body and into a set of 243 heads. All of the OE bolts and fasteners were set aside to make room for ARP studs throughout the entire engine. A 4L80E built to handle 1,000+ horsepower sends heat to the rear wheels. Holley’s Terminator X Max EFI controls the engine and transmission and helps bring levels upwards of 750HP.

BInside, you’ll find a custom bench seat from Snowden  as well as a console featuring a Pioneer head unit screen and one-off kick panels loaded with 6.5” Focal speakers. Virtually every surface is covered with leather dyed in a rich lobster red color. Dakota Digital gauges add a touch of modern class. Outside, the combo 22” Intro billet wheels, ride height courtesy of QA1 coil-overs, and GM Blew Me Away paint create a look that can’t be ignored.

We love to see enthusiasts like the Romero family enjoying the heck out of their trucks. To us, it’s what this is all about!

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