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Blaze of Glory: Paint & Body

by Terry Lysak

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Once the Carrol family enjoyed its time in the sun with the top off doing some mild four-wheeling, it was time for the real work to begin. In order for David’s timeline of getting this Blazer finished for Sema 2021, it needed some major body surgery. Luckily for David, good friend and squarebody aficionado, Adan Sandoval, would oversee the project and be the lead painter. 

Like most build projects, you’re hoping for the best but expect the worst when it comes to the body and paint, and this would be no exception. The frame was too far gone for repair, and due to the limited timeline David had scheduled for the Pro-Touring Truck Shootout in April, another frame was sourced to take its place. 

Both front fenders were pretty bad on the bottom and even though David had intended to do a full faux patina paint job at the time, the decision was made to go nice with the amount of time already invested. So, both front fenders, both rear lower quarters including wheel arches, drivers floor and part of the passenger floor were replaced with off the shelf replacement parts from Auto Metal Direct and Classic Industries. 

When the time came to decide on what color to paint the Blazer, it was an easy decision for David for a couple reasons. The 2-tone color combination of Ochre and White is one of David’s all time favorite truck combinations as well as being the original color of this Blazer when it rolled off the assembly line. Doug of Automotive Color Inc in Hollister, California would help supply the paint for Blaze of Glory. 

The interior rear floor is still in its original color along with the dash. Once mini tubs are fabricated, then the rest of the interior will be sprayed as well. Adan Sandoval and friend Danny Ponce only had the Blazer in their possession for 5 months before transforming that rusty camouflaged Blazer you saw in the June issue to the stunning beauty queen you see before you now. 

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