by Kyle Martin

It’s always a wonder what unites us as truck people. Some of us may have just started in the community with a new found interest, some of us have had childhood memories that were formed purely around fleet side beds and tailgates. The story of Bryan’s Everett’s ’72 C-10 “Blanco” starts with Bryan’s dad, Bruce. He started at General Motors in 1968 and worked as a pattern maker in the Marion, Indiana, plant for close to 40 years. For those of you are GM History buffs like ourselves, the Marion plant was originally founded back in 1956 as Fisher Body, housing over 2.6 million square feet of beautiful, unmodified sheet metal assembly. During his time, Bryan’s dad not only served as the first set of hands to craft some of the most iconic vehicles we’d know, but he also was the proud owner of a 1966 Corvette (still is!) that spawned Bryan’s passion for anything with wheels.  

Enter Juan from Juankybuilt in Miami, Florida – Juan is known as the “Miami Truck Builder”, but for now we’ll call him the “Master of Details.” When Bryan and Juan got together to start this build, Bryan had asked for a clean short-bed Chevy truck… Needless to say Juan had all of the right ingredients waiting. Although they both had a history of yellow cars amongst their collection, Bryan and Juan agreed to Summit White – a factory GM paint code, matching the other’s in the fleet at Everett Motor Sports. Once the duo agreed, DZ Customs topped off the paint guns and took care of every inch of this build.  

Fast forward to 2021, Bryan is the lead gear-head of Everett Motor Sports, and has proudly brought his wife and two kids into the world of cars. Now, even though his first love was his ’67 Camaro, we’re here to learn about the beautiful, night in white satin… “Blanco.” To start, let’s go from the ground up – sitting on a full GSI front and rear frame, each of the finer details of this build were carefully fabricated and engineered by the man himself, Juankybuilt. Managed by Accuair’s eLevel system, you’ll find Pandora’s box of suspension goodies tucked beneath a Bedwood Oak Bed with all of the hardware hidden away.  

When it came to performance and function on this build, Bryan wanted his current automotive tendencies in the European world to meet the classic appearance and grass-roots of the classic shortbed truck – saying that Juankybuilt knocked it out of the park is a complete understatement. To keep it period correct, he chose a Ross Performance 383 small block and upgraded the entire rotating assembly, intake, fuel system, and a fresh set of cylinder heads to help breathe new life into this build. Feeding that new set of lungs with plenty of air and fuel is FiTech’s EFI system and Weiand’s Street Warrior Manifold. To help the truck sound as good as it looks, Mera Motorsports came to the rescue with a full exhaust from tip to tail. Bryan and Juankybuilt chose to swap out the three-on-the-tree and it’s lack of reverse lock-out for a Monster 700R4 and a narrowed Ford 9-inch rear end with 3.73 gears to make cruising to the local shows a little bit more enjoyable. As always, what’s a custom Pro-Touring street truck without a custom set of shoes – underneath Blanco is a set of Raceline Fugitive’s wrapped in Pirelli P Zeros. Behind the 20-inch front and 22-rear wheels is a classy set of Wilwood brakes to bring the 49 year-old truck to a 6-piston halt.  

Moving on to the interior, this is where the technology kicks it up a couple notches. Bryan chose a complete overhaul on the interior and Juanky delivered, and then some. Starting with a Snowden bench seat, Bryan’s ’67 Camaro lives on through it’s houndstooth wrapped cushions. Andy from Audiotronics supplied more than enough JL Audio firepower to crank the tunes cruising to the local Ohio shows. For the longer hauls, Vintage Air keeps Bryan and his family cool for the hotter days. All of this controlled seamlessly via Bluetooth tech.  

When considering parts for this build, Juan didn’t dare spare any expense, and the partners in this build have found a new favorite ‘72 in town that’s here to stay. What’s special about this truck is that on any particular time of day, you’d find Bryan and his son showing the truck together. This truck was inspired from Bryan’s passion in the automotive industry since he was a kid in his dad’s Corvette, and Juan not only served as the builder of this pro touring truck, but built a memory for Bryan and his family to enjoy.  

So with every memory that lived on in Bryan’s childhood with General Motors being a part of it in more ways than one, he’s breathed new life into the truck, gave it a complete overhaul  and kept it as timeless as it should be. Now, we all are thankful for Bryan and the Everett family for revamping this truck for us all to enjoy, but Bryan has a few people he’d like to thank for helping along the road with this build through the years. First and foremost, the master of details, Juankybuilt, Scott at GSI, Mike at Slosh Tubs, Dewitts Radiator, Rob Hartley with Hart Rod, Chad at Rendered Rides, Brandon at RAD Machining, Eddie Motorsports, Cartell Baggers, and Bullseye Powdercoating – their support throughout this build was more valuable than imagined and now we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor at every show. Thank you to all involved. 

Bryan & Pam Everett • ‘72 C10

  • Ross Performance (Lapeer, Michigan) built 383 turn key 430+ HP package
  • Comp Extreme energy cam 12-250-3
  • Speed Pro pistons
  • Eagle 383 3.750 stroke CS crank
  • Hastings Moly rings
  • Hardened push rods
  • Stainless EP1101-16 push rods
  • Moly rocker studs
  • 4800-8 Comp guide plates
  • LPC aluminum 200CC runner cylinder heads
  • 2.02/1.60 stainless valves
  • 02-1001-16 springs
  • Black FiTech EFI system, 
  • Weiand 8150 street warrior manifold
  • MSD HEI 8362
  • Boyd Welding bed fill stealth 340 tank
  • Full custom fuel lines
  • Full custom wiring harness by Juankybuilt
  • Full custom exhaust by Mera Motorsports
  • Custom hangers from deeds Engineering
  • Monster transmission 700R4
  • Narrowed ford 9 inch with quick change 3.73 gear ratio
  • GSI Machine and Fabrication with custom fabrication from Juankybuilt
  • GSI full front kit for air ride system setup
  • Rack and pinion steering, tilt wheel
  • GSI full back half kit for air ride setup
  • Wilwood forged narrow Superlite 6 piston Big brake kit
  • Wilwood Black anodized master cylinder
  • Accuair elevel full setup – Endo compressor valve tank – 5 gallon and 3 gallon additional air tank, eLevel controller, harness, fittings, etc.
  • Raceline Fugitive wheels, 20×8.5, 22×12
  • Pirelli P Zero XL Tires 245/40ZR-20 and 335/25ZR-22 
  • GM factory white paint by DZ Customs
  • Snowden custom seat covered in houndstooth
  • Full custom sound system by Andy at Audiotronics – 2 JL Audio 10 inch subs, 2 JL audio amps, full bluetooth
  • Custom built bed frame with center lift 
  • Shout outs:
  • Juankybuilt – master of details
  • Scott @GSI Machine and Fabrications
  • Slosh tubs – Mike Losh
  • Dewitts Radiator
  • Hart Rod (Rob Hartley) rear tubs
  • Bedwood oak bed wood kit with hidden fasteners
  • Rendering by Chad at Rendered Rides
  • Custom cut badges by Brandon at RAD machining
  • Fat Fender Garage – Dakota Digital gauges
  • Vintage Air
  • Cartell Baggers 
  • Eddie Motorsports front runner system
  • LMC
  • A TON of custom powdercoating from Bullseye Powdercoating in Miami

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