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by Steve Walker

Do Golden Star’s Newest Squarebody Doors Really Fit?

After decades of wonky re-pop doors from every corner of the globe, Golden Star Classic Auto Parts has just released new squarebody doors that they claim to fit right out of the box.Designed for 1977-87 GM Truck and 1977-91 GM Suburban/Jimmy/Blazer, each door is stamped from Golden Star’s brand new tooling and feature all of the factory-correct holes, pockets, curves just like OE doors. They even coat them in a silver primer for corrosion
We test fitted a pair of doors on our ex-fire department ‘85 squarebody cab (nicknamed after the station’s Dalmatian, “Dozer”). We were highly impressed. They bolted to the original hinges perfectly. The threads were flawless in all of the doors’ welded nutserts. Body lines were crisp and panel alignment took minimal effort. Fit and finish was very nice and all holes, stampings, and openings were de-burred. While they still need the finesse of a good body shop, these are some of the best squarebody replacement doors we’ve seen.


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