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Steven Macias' '82 C10 is Cooler Than a Yeti's Nuts

by Steven Macias

Squarebodies have always been my favorite classic trucks. At one point in my life, I owned a Hummer. I needed a change, and one day told my wife, “I am going to sell the Hummer and I want to buy a squarebody and build it for our son Kobe. I ended up selling the Hummer and found a C10 for sale here locally in Arizona. 

The seller gave me the typical, “The truck needs nothing – you can get in it and go.” I ended up buying it, and drove it home, only to find about 2 quarts of oil on the floor the next morning. Since I had never owned an older vehicle, I was upset that this truck was leaking oil from every possible place. After putting a bunch of money into it to get all the leaks to stop, it still wasn’t running the best. A friend stopped by and did a compression test, only to find that a few cylinders had zero compression. The build started that very day.

I picked up a 5.3 LS motor and a 4L60E, dropped it in place, and got it running. At the time, the truck was just lowered and rocking a set of cheesy wheels. We hit the Goodguys Scottsdale event and Dino’s Git Down for the first time that year, and I was so inspired that I immediately started saving money for paint and interior. At Goodguys, I absolutely fell in love with my buddy Michael’s 1986 C10 that was laid out on Porterbuilt  suspension and big wheels. I started doing research on what was needed to lay out our C10 like his. I knew if I just got the truck painted and had the interior done and called it “finished”, I wouldn’t be happy with it. I had to have it bagged and lay frame! 

I started saving even more money. In the mean time, I took the whole truck apart at home, with pieces and parts all over our three car garage. I had finally saved up for the Porterbuilt Dropmember kits and thought I was going to be able to do it myself. But I quickly realized I was wrong. I didn’t know how to weld, and if this was going to be a family cruiser, I didn’t want this to be something I learned how to weld on. I reached out to Jeremy Rice at Tre 5 Customs and asked if he could help me out. I told him I had all the pieces and parts, but that I just wanted a professional to put it back together. 

The truck went back and forth to his shop a few times before I was finally able to drive it home. Man what an exciting experience that was. After about 3-4 years of the saving/build process to finally be able to drive the truck home from Jeremy’s shop, I will never forget that day. 

On that actual day of me driving it home for the very first time, my high school friend Scott from Unique Upholstery saw me driving home and sent me message telling me to bring it by his shop. I cruised over and he gave me a tour of the facility. I knew right then and there that this was where my truck would be going for its new interior. Working with these two companies has been the best experience, and I can’t thank them enough!

Shortly after getting the truck back from Tre 5, I told my wife that I wanted to drive the truck to the Brothers show in California. She laughed. I laughed. Then she said, “If we go, then we are going to Disneyland after the show.” Deal! We drove the truck in the middle of the scorching summer heat with just a dash pad, a busted bench seat, and no carpet in the cab. We had the AC on full blast going 75-80 MPH with zero problems! We hit the show, spent a few days at Disneyland, and headed to San Diego to finish off our vacation. Many people couldn’t believe that I drove it that distance shortly after the build, but I built it to be driven. We love this truck!


  • LS1 5.7 346ci
  • Brian Tooley Racing Stage 3 N/A Camshaft, 231/244 .630”/.615” 112.5+2.5
  • Stock rotating assembly
  • Stock cylinder heads
  • Custom intake by Tre5Customs
  • Spectre air filter
  • Custom fuel tank by Tre5Customs with Dakota Digital sending unit and Holley in-tank pump
  • Engine management ECU/PCM and wiring harness by Modern Vintage Systems, tuned by J&R Performance
  • Sanderson Headers
  • Custom 3” stainless exhaust with dual Black Widow Mufflers, built by Tre5Customs
  • Rebuilt 4l60E transmission
  • Narrowed 12” rear end with 3.73:1 gears
  • Porterbuilt Extreme Front Dropmember
  • Porterbuilt tubular control arms
  • KYB Excel-G shocks
  • Rack & pinion steering
  • Porterbuilt Extreme Rear Dropmember 4-link
  • KYB Excel-G Shocks
  • Baer Brakes T4 13” rotor (front), SS4 12” rotor (rear)
  • Baer Brakes polished remaster master cylinder.
  • Accuair e-Level air management with EndoVT tank
  • Viair 444 dual compressors
  • Dominator air bags
  • Intro Hauler wheels 22x8.5 5.50 BS (front), 24x10 4.25 BS (rear)
  • Toyo Proxes 4 Plus 255/35ZR22 and 275/30ZR24
  • Original patina paint
  • Custom Interior all built by Unique Upholstery - Moore and Giles leather, square weave carpet
  • Restomod air vents
  • Clayton Machine Works door handles and window cranks
  • Ring Brothers door lock knobs 
  • JL Audio MBT-CRXv2 Bluetooth controller
  • Morel MPS 5.950 amplifier
  • Morel MPS R1 bass knob
  • Morel Maximo Ultra 6” coax speakers
  • Morel Maximo 8” subwoofers
  • Tre 5 Customs body drop kit
  • Custom billet badges by Rad Machining
  • Raised bed floor
  • Tre5Customs tailgate latch and cable kit
  • Red bedliner
  • Slosh Tubz front tubs
  • WAM Rods hood struts
  • I want to thank my wife Adrienne for all the support throughout this entire project, Tre 5 Customs for building this truck, and Unique Upholstery for the beautiful interior

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