by Scott Mason

Heading Title

What in tarnation is a “503GRN”? Seasoned C10 heads will know right away that “503” is the code for the quintessential shade of light green paint that GM used on trucks in the 60’s. It’s a color that kind of defined the era to a lot of folks. If your memory works in ways which support Mandela effect theories, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that all ‘63 Chevy trucks were painted this color. It was certainly a popular hue, but just like the 1960’s, 503 came and went just like the decade that brought it to life.

Fast forward five decades, and Jeff Andrews is in the middle of building his definition of the ultimate squarebody. He’s been building trucks since he graduated high school in 1979, and has honed and refined his style palette to a razor sharp point over the years. “I guess I got it from my dad, who always ‘dolled up’ his trucks. There were always new things to try, new ideas.” If it’s not obvious from looking at Jeff’s truck, his taste picks up cues from several genres of builders. Kinda like a street rod, pro touring, and slammed truck omelette. You’ve got the colors and crisp details that embody the street rodder’s mantra of “less is more”; a wheel/tire/suspension package that offers modern handling straight from the pro touring handbook; along with an on-the-rockers attitude and the classic styling that truck guys go crazy for. A trifecta of style and function. And the basis for his color choice for the sheetmetal. A color that celebrates a golden bygone era, yet looks right at home on more modern iron.

“One of my best friends, Keith Terry, purchased this truck several years ago in relatively stock condition. After the Bud Light haze wore off, he realized it was a bit rougher than he had originally thought. He decided to forge ahead and purchased and installed Porterbuilt front and rear Dropmember kits. Shortly afterward, the project came to a halt, and I ended up buying the truck from him at a hell of a deal, and brought it home in pieces.”

Once he had it home, Jeff dug in and got busy. “The frame was stripped down and taken to Pro Powder Coating of Russelville, Missouri, for a fresh coat of gloss black. The truck had a relatively fresh crate motor, so I left the internals alone and focused on smoothing, painting, and detailing the entire engine from top to bottom.” The engine color ties perfectly with the interior and completes the contrast with the underhood paint. A Billet Specialties Tru Trac front accessory drive does the dirty work on the engine while Hart Fab tubs round out the rest of the engine compartment and allow plenty of room to tuck the jaw-dropping 22” Schott Modsport wheels.

The bed features a multitude of subtle, yet super trick touches by Ron’s Motorworks in Bernie, Missouri. Filled stake pockets, custom bed floor and filler panels, one-of-a-kind tubs, and recessed mount for the Crafty B filler cap are the more (or less) obvious mods. Under the floor, you’ll find a custom fuel tank, dual air compressors, an aluminum tank, and a host of Accuair goodies to manage the air going to and from Firestone and Slam Specialties air bags.

Inside the cockpit, you’ll find the bones of a stock seat frame have been sculpted and wrapped with cloth and leather by Shane Lile at Sewntight Interiors in Shepardsville, Kentucky. Mutert Upholstery in Wentzville, Missouri, is responsible for the artfully crafted headliner and Nick Mayden from Foristell, Missouri, hand fitted the custom tri-five style carpet.

When it comes to making dreams into reality, Jeff Andrews is a shining star. With a little help from some great friends, he was able to build a killer, neck-snapping hot rod in his downtime. We salute you.

Heading Title

Jeff Andrews • ‘86 C10
  • Small block Chevy 350ci crate engine
  • Block and head castings smoothed and painted to match interior
  • Edelbrock Performer intake manifold with Endura Shine finish
  • Edelbrock 1406 600cfm carburetor
  • Upgraded HEI ignition system
  • MSD plug wires
  • Billet Specialties Tru Trac front accessory drive system
  • Universal Products radiator with dual SPAL electric fans
  • Clipster ceramic coated 1-5/8” headers
  • Custom, owner-built exhaust system with Thrush welded mufflers
  • 700R4 transmission built by Family Transmission in Boliver, MO
  • Custom driveshaft with cardan joint by Inland Truck Repair in St. Charles, MO
  • Stock frame smoothed and powder coated
  • Porterbuilt front and rear Dropmembers
  • 4-bar rear suspension with panhard bar
  • Firestone F9000 rear air bags
  • Bell Tech 3” drop spindles
  • Slam Specialties front air bags
  • KYB shocks, front & rear
  • Original style rear drum brakes
  • Drilled/slotted front rotors with Wilwood D52 calipers
  • Schott Modsport wheels, 22×8.5 and 22×10
  • Ironman iMove tires, 235/30R22 and 285/35R22
  • Speedway proportioning valve
  • Rack & pinion steering
  • Custom rear-mount fuel tank
  • Crafty B custom cast aluminum fuel cap
  • Delmo billet door handles
  • OEM replacement glass all around
  • Bed modifications by Ron’s Motorworks in Bernie, MO, including: raised bed floor; custom tailgate; removable panels on inside; filled stake pockets; custom floor filler panels (with no seam sealer!); custom molded ribs around gas filler
  • Hart Fab front wheel tubs
  • Smoothed firewall by owner with minor rust repair by “Snooze” Gilbert
  • Bodyworked tailgate trim panel, painted flat silver to match grille
  • ‘68 C10 code 503 green paint by Rich Mutert of Foristell, MO
  • CTP ashtray mount for eLevel controller
  • Dakota Digital VHX gauges
  • NVX XUBT3 Bluetooth receiver
  • Rockford Fosgate amps and 3-1/2”/6×9” speakers
  • Kicker 10” subwoofer
  • Vintage Air climate control
  • Billet Specialties Outlaw steering wheel
  • Stock seat frame, covered in leather & cloth by Sewntight Interiors of Shepardsville, KY
  • Headliner by Mutert Upholstery, Wentzville, MO
  • Tri-five Chevy style carpet by Nick Mayden of Foristell, MO

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